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Who Is Tridium?

Tridium is an independent entity of Honeywell, the global leader in energy management. With the development of the Niagara Framework software, Tridium has created a coordinated and web-connected building monitoring system. Dubbed the power behind the “internet of things,” the system enables smart devices to access, monitor and control building all functions from a remote location through the internet or local network infrastructure.

Tridium, a specialist in building control integration, creates connectivity for all functions within a building, including energy management, secure access control, and a range of other safety elements. With the Niagara AX framework, buildings can become more energy efficient, safer, and more sustainable with real time management ability.

From energy savings alone, building owners and managers can recapture their investment in a Tridium Niagara system in a surprisingly short time.

Tridium Planning Phase

Designing a new or remodeled building with Tridium technology brings new features and clarity to building management. An efficient pre-design allows for each component to be monitored wirelessly through a central control location. Each new and existing device may be connected during a single installation.

What Does Tridium’s Niagara System Integration Look Like?

Tridium’s integrated technology creates a “smarter” building. Virtually every system in a high-rise or building complex may be unified for remote monitoring and control. Linking energy control, limited access entry points, elevator management, water usage, and other critical security devices eliminates redundancy while providing user-friendly management and monitoring.

The user interface features clear and intuitive graphics to allow for easy monitoring, analysis, and quick decision-making.

How Does the Tridium System Work?

All systems in the Tridium Niagara platform are connected to and can wirelessly transmit real-time data from any device to a central monitoring location. The system offers unique features that control building’s systems.

Some of these are:

  • Scheduling: HVAC systems may be programmed to turn on and off or to maintain a continual operations mode for targeted climate control.
  • Optimal start: When rooms are not being used and do not require heating and cooling at the same rate, each zone may be set to start or stop at a specific time before anyone is present in the area.
  • Event logging and recording: The system monitors and logs energy usage, unusual activity, and building entry and exit activity.
  • Maintaining running totals: All information may be graphed and reviewed for energy management considerations. Tridium-connected systems track average temperatures, resource usage and other elements of the building operations.
  • Elevator management: System can be monitored and automatically reset to adapt elevators to limited usage

Access Control Monitoring

The Niagara platform performs Role-Based Access Control. The system can be programmed to limit access to specific areas by unauthorized individuals. Zones and rooms may be locked and unlocked automatically as scheduled. Access can be easily adjusted from a remote location.

General Mechanical and Tridium

The Niagara framework can transform any building into a flexible, highly efficient structure with lower energy costs.

Longtime experts in efficient heating and cooling systems in the Chicago region, North Town technicians will collaborate with building owners and designers to develop a highly efficient and sustainable network for your building. Using Tridium’s advanced technology, North Town technicians will install the integrated network that provides the most efficient and sustainable energy system available for your individual needs. Contact us now for your Tridium installation!