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Industrial & Commercial HVAC Safety

At General Mechanical, safety is one of the most vital and critical aspects of our business. Even above service, of which we deem our team exemplary, safety always comes first, in every part of our business. This means the safety of our clients and their associates, and the safety of our certified professionals and staff, as well.

We’ve been providing the Chicago area with leading service and peerless quality for years, and our dedication to perfection is without question. We are your trusted ally in perfect systems and mechanical services, and in order to ensure we always bring the best, we make safety an inseparable and integral part of our business.

We boast a record of over 840 days without an OSHA incident or infraction. Just one more way that we can prove our dedication to perfect safety and service!

The Importance of Safety

Why is safety important? For a variety of reasons, of course, but chief among them is human health. Even a minor injury can drastically alter a human life. What starts as a minor spot of negligence evolves into a catastrophic and immeasurable change in a life, and this is a change we never want to see for our clients or for our associates.

Safety also serves to help us attain greater levels of quality. Safe service is precise service, helping us to guide our work in becoming even more effective, accurate, and efficient.

How General Mechanical Ensures Safety

Safety, while vital, is never a given. Nor is it a one and done deal. Our dedication to safety is shown in our continuous adherence to further training, and our active role in important memberships to major safety organizations and certifications.

Our Team Undergoes Continuous Monthly Training

Our industry moves and grows at an alarming rate. New tools, new equipment, and new techniques are normalized and regulated on a routine basis, and in order to assure the complete safety of our clients and associates, ongoing training is positively crucial.

Each specialist and professional at General Mechanical undergoes regular training to ensure retention of safety knowledge, and in order to integrate new knowledge so that we can ensure we always stay on top of the industry where safety, as well as service, is involved.

We Are Active ISNetWorld & Avetta Members

As leaders in compliance and safety in the industrial and commercial world, ISNetWorld and Avetta provide our business with further training, knowledge, and certification to ensure our safety regulations and standards evolve effectively with the rest of the technological world.

Through these programs and our membership, team members at General Mechanical can attain:

  • Further health and safety knowledge
  • Compliance and regulation training
  • Valuable audits and evaluation services
  • A greater understanding and appreciation for the importance of safety

These memberships play yet another critical role in our endless journey to attain perfect safety for our clients and our team members. We’re proud of our memberships to ISNetWorld and Avetta, and maintain our relationships with these organizations ceaselessly.

Safety & Secure Service with General Mechanical

We are wholly dedicated to the security and safety of our clients. If you would like to know more about our safety training or continued memberships, please feel free to contact us online any time!