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Rooftop Unit Maintenance

Rooftop HVAC units are continually exposed to the worst possible elements of the Chicagoland climate. As a result, collecting grime and debris while experiencing incredible temperature extremes only add to the excessive punishment these units must endure. Regular inspection, rooftop unit maintenance, and servicing are necessary to ensure the equipment survives and expensive malfunctions are avoided.

Rooftop HVAC Unit Maintenance

The best option for keeping your rooftop HVAC equipment in top shape is by establishing an ongoing maintenance contract with a reputable and proven HVAC service company. The company should have experience and the certified credentials to manage and maintain your system properly. An ongoing HVAC rooftop unit maintenance contract can:

  • Place responsibility for rooftop unit maintenance in the hands of trained and certified technicians.
  • Provide assurance that the maintenance will take place on time and completely.
  • Keep the facility maintenance staff focused on other priorities.
  • Provide emergency 24-hour service in the event of malfunction.
  • Replace critical parts, as needed, before breakdowns occur.
  • Keep the equipment clean and properly lubricated.
  • Run sophisticated tests to monitor performance.

Much of the cost of  the rooftop unit maintenance contract can be offset by smoother, more efficient systems that use less energy for heating, cooling and humidifying. Much like a well-maintained automobile, your rooftop HVAC will last longer with proper care.

Green HVAC Maintenance and Energy Savings

An experienced HVAC maintenance provider should be able to execute an energy evaluation for your entire HVAC system. This means determining where energy waste exists and how the inefficiency can be corrected. When older equipment may be failing or if an upgrade is in order, the service provider can develop a cost analysis with payback for purchasing a new, super-efficient ENERGY STAR® qualified system.

Changing filters and belts regularly is critical to breakdown prevention and savings. General Mechanical technicians will change the intake filters on the rooftop each season while encouraging the building clients to change the interior filters monthly. This minimizes the buildup of dirt and air pollutants while distributing clean air throughout the building.

Condensing coils in rooftop HVAC units collect soot and grime and can become less efficient as time passes. The coils can be scrubbed during maintenance visit.

Proactive maintenance is essential when handling rooftop unit maintenance, especially when weather conditions can be as extreme as in the Chicago area. The maintenance technician will typically have a checklist for each visit to ensure that each step is performed.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Programs with General Mechanical

Because rooftop HVAC systems are remote and out of the normal travel path of maintenance staff, they are sometimes ignored until something bad happens. It is important to note that some reputable maintenance companies have lost contracts to under-performing companies with low bids who were lax and did not perform the job properly. A reputable HVAC maintenance company is essential to reducing your building’s energy bill and avoiding disastrous equipment breakdowns.

One proven company, General Mechanical, has been in business in the Chicago area for over 40 years. During that time, their experienced technicians have installed, designed, and maintained countless HVAC systems in northern Illinois. Companies have saved enormous amounts of money and avoided many headaches by using our HVAC maintenance program. Each maintenance program may be tailored to every individual need to fit the customer’s requirements and budget. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.