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Rittal sets the standard for state-of-the art climate control units designed to heat and cool facilities of every size.  Designed with German engineering capability,  Rittal systems represent the best in functionality, durability and energy efficiency available in the US and Chicagoland area.

General Mechanical offers Rittal’s exceptional products including the “Blue e” range of fans and heat exchangers and cooling units, IT cooling units, heaters and an array of climate control accessories. Contact us today for Rittal cooling or heating unit installation or service in Chicago, IL or the surrounding areas!

Rittal Cooling Units in Chicagoland

Rittal’s Ambient Air Cooling

Rittal’s beautifully engineered fans move and filter air to create a comfortable environment in any ambient conditions.

  • Filter fans move air at a rate of  20 – 900 cubic meters per hour.  Easily mounted, Rittal filter fans reduce airborne dust while creating steady airflow. Fans come in four types and may be arrayed with integrated control interface.
  • Roof-mounted fans can be mounted in a one-size-fits-all clamping system for easy installation. These fans provide exceptional efficiency. The Top Therm roof-mounted fan can circulate up to 800 cubic meters or 470.9 cubic feet of air per minute.
  • Rack-mounted fans and blowers with integral speed control circulate up to 480 cubic meters per minute at the 19-inch level. Rack mounting provides easy installation and relocation.
  • Wall-mounted heat exchangers come with remote control and digital temperature displays. The Top Therm units process up to 945 cubic meters per minute, ideal for single room applications.

Rittal Cooling Units

Rittal produces a range of cooling units with thermoelectric cooling, wall-mounting, roof-mounting and modular climate control. Models vary in size and output designed for any application and space.

  • The Thermoelectric Cooler produces cooling/heating output up to 100W. Lightweight and adaptable, the unit is ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Wall-mounted cooling units provide cooling capability between 2.00 and 6.00 kW. These units save 75 percent of comparable energy usage with speed-regulated components and Rittal’s heat pipe technology. Touch displays manage four output categories.  Six wall-mounted options offer a spectrum of output ranges and are easy to install, providing climate control from the least amount of space.
  • Rittal’s roof-mounted cooling units produce from 500W – 4,000W of output. Manufactured with durable carbon steel, these units withstand the roughest ambient conditions.

Rittal Liquid Cooling Units

Rittal offers three versions of air/water heat exchangers for cooling liquids in a range of capacities.

  • Wall-mounted units come in output ranges from 375W – 5,000 W. These units are easy to install and provide several water connection systems for easy installation.
  • Roof-mounted Units have capacities of 1,875W – 4,000 W. These carbon steel units are designed to withstand tough external conditions without occupying important interior space.
  • Top Therm Chillers can be wall or roof-mounted and offer efficient centralized liquid cooling for water to air/water heat exchangers and other equipment.

IT Cooling Equipment Accessories

To manage the cooling of heat-producing IT equipment, Rittal presents a full line of cooling packages and containment equipment to protect your systems.

Rittal Heaters

Efficiently-sized, Rittal enclosure heaters, with or without fans, deliver continuous heated output of 10W – 800W. These efficient heaters are available with quick-connection terminals.

The powerful ThermoElectric Cooling Unit has a heat, cooling output of 100W (341 BTU) .

Climate Control Accessories

Rittal produces a wide range of accessories to manage, enhance and regulate heat, cooling and liquid flows. Your General Mechanical expert can assist in configuring the right system for your needs.

Contact General Mechanical for your Rittal installation or service in the Chicagoland area!