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Patterson-Kelley Commercial Water Heating Equipment

Patterson-Kelley manufactures highly-efficient, multiple-capacity commercial water heating solutions. P-K equipment is used in schools, healthcare facilities, office complexes, hotels, military installations, stadiums, sporting venues, and many other locations. Highly efficient and compact, yet capable of high volume throughput, P-K systems have been able to cut energy costs substantially.

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Patterson-Kelley Products

Patterson-Kelley manufactures equipment for any commercial application that requires heated water. From hydronic boilers to water heaters to fully fabricated systems to the controls to operate precisely and properly, P-K has the right equipment for new buildings or retrofits.

P-K High Efficiency Boilers

The P-K Mach® Series has models that are ideal for indoor or outdoor operations. The Mach boilers are constructed with a patented aluminum alloy heat exchanger that is durable, risks corrosion, and is very energy efficient. The P-K Mach Boilers have a CSA-rated thermal efficiency rating of 92% to 96%, allowing for almost total, waste-free energy conversion.

Seven of the P-K Mach Series boiler models are suitable for outdoor use. Best for applications in temperate climates, the Mach Series outdoor units free up indoor space for other uses. With outdoor operations, there is no need to add a mechanical room or rent additional space for water heating.

Deliveries to an outdoor site almost completely assembled saves significant money and time in installation. The delivered unit will be up and operating in a very short time. Indoor installation, however, is not difficult and can also be handled quickly.

P-K Dual Fuel Boiler

For versatility and least-cost fuel management, Patterson-Kelley’s Dual Fuel Boiler can be switched from natural gas to liquid propane with a simple flip of a switch. No additional adaptation is required. This backup capability is critical in hospital and other sensitive situations in which operations cannot be interrupted.

Maneuverable, yet capable, Patterson-Kelley water boilers can be fitted with wheels and moved to other locations by two people without a forklift. Small enough to fit through corridors and around corners, the P-K Mark 4000 weighs only 1,900 pounds compared to comparable competitive models that average 3,700 pounds.

P-K Non-Condensing Boilers

P-K’s Modu-Fire FD and Thermific Non-Condensing Boilers are extremely compact and easy to install. With a vertical design available in a range of capacities, the modular configuration will allow several units to be installed in tandem to adapt to volume needs and flexibility. All units have a high heat transfer ratio and need only 5 connections to install.

Non-condensing boilers come with a robust 10-year warranty and are perfect for replacing older, bulkier equipment with similar capacity.

P-K Hot Water Heaters: Direct and Indirect

P-K’s Thermific D-Series and Modu-Fire FD Direct water heaters are highly efficient, compact and designed for high performance and volume. Select from a wide range of models to fit your volume and facility needs. These units have an industry-high water heater CSA efficiency rating of 85% as a Category I non-condensing appliance. These units have a vertical design that allows for maneuvering through a 30” doorway with ease.

P-K Semi-Instantaneous Water Heaters

Semi-instantaneous water heating has been in demand in recent years. The space and energy savings that result from heating only as needed is a popular option. P-K equipment has been successfully installed in thousands of locations.

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