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Zoned HVAC Systems

Chicago Area Commercial & Industrial Zoned HVAC Systems

Are you dealing with a commercial or industrial building that isn’t being heated or cooled properly? Do only a few rooms get the needed A/C during the summertime? Are you looking to lower your energy bills by only heating rooms that need heat, instead of indistinctly heating a general area? If you answered yes to any of these questions, our zoned HVAC system maintenance and repair is for you.

General Mechanical maintains zoned systems to create consistency throughout all the rooms in your property. Whether you own a manufacturing plant, a medical lab, a data center, or a similar commercial or industrial space, we can optimize the way your system is functioning for control, comfort, and energy savings.

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Benefits of Zoned HVAC Systems for Chicagoland Businesses

A properly functioning zoned HVAC system can be an asset to your business both in financial terms and in improving employee comfort. By minimizing temperature fluctuations from sunlight, exterior doors opening and closing, and human activity, your facility can run more efficiently.

Zoned HVAC systems use multiple components to help your system run at its most efficient. The parts that make up your system include:

  • A system manager control pad which connects to a computer
  • Zone coordinators that decide where heat and air change-overs occur
  • Zone dampers to determine the airflow in ductwork by opening or closing access to the duct
  • Modulating compressors which change speed with temperature needs to funnel heat or cooled air where it is most needed

Zoned HVAC systems allow you to move heat from one area to another by recovering heat energy from one area and then repurposing it to another via directing it to the needed area’s ductwork—the ultimate in efficiency.

We provide regular maintenance services for your system to ensure it’s working at its best. When our technicians maintain the health of your unit, we examine its energy expenditures, inspect for failure prevention, and work to extend the life of your unit. This way you can stay proactive in taking care of this investment in your business, instead of reacting to a costly breakdown.

How It Works

Zoned HVAC systems have the distinct advantage of catering to your specific needs. A thermostat with a sensor is installed in each general area of your commercial or industrial space. A schedule of heating and cooling is created through the system manager, which also syncs its data with your computer. The heating and cooling schedule is set up so that areas only receive heat or air conditioning when people are in the office.

An additional aspect of your zoned HVAC systems is the temperature sensors, which indicate to the system controls when heat or air is needed in a particular zone. The warm or cool air is then guided to the needed room directly by modulated dampers in ductwork. This means that your heating and air conditioning is tailored to your needs and adapts to changes within zones.

Your system manager is also used to facilitate conversations between your system manager and the ductwork that controls airflow. Temperature sensors relay the temperature to the air control damper to either increase or decrease the temperature in a room.

Zoned HVAC System Maintenance with General Mechanical

Trust our technicians to assess your space and install dampers based on use, number of inhabitants, and the style of the building. We recommend zone HVAC systems for the following types of buildings:

  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals
  • Office spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Retail spaces
  • Government buildings
  • Data centers
  • And more!

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