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Industrial and Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units in Chicago

Rooftop units are used in 46% of commercial buildings to optimize cooling, heating, and ventilation. Also known as RTU by industry professionals, rooftop units are capable of handling anywhere from 1.5 tons to 162 tons in the volume of supply air. So, repairing and maintaining rooftop units on your data center, grocery store chain, hospital, or manufacturing plant—just to name a few industries we serve–is a way to protect this investment in your building’s longevity and energy costs.

General Mechanical knows that a well-functioning rooftop HVAC unit is a priority for many businesses. Replacing or maintaining your rooftop unit to your commercial or industrial property is a great way to address comfort and air quality and minimize energy consumption.

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Factors in Choosing a Rooftop Unit for Your Chicago Area Building

By providing more services and costing you less in monthly utilities, rooftop units are an ideal choice for commercial and industrial spaces. Our technicians can aid you in determining the right unit for replacement and in optimizing an existing unit. Factors that need to be weighed in choosing a rooftop unit include:

  • Total capacity of the unit, including the sensible to total capacity ratio, condenser power, and part-load degradation
  • Energy efficiency, as determined by its Season Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) number
  • Environmental factors including building type, location, and occupancy patterns
  • Whether a gas/electric or electric/electric unit is best
  • Desired monetary savings as calculated by electricity and utility rates and the expected lifetime of the equipment

Our fully certified technicians keep each of these factors in mind when handling your rooftop unit, ensuring that you receive the most from your HVAC system.

Industrial Rooftop Unit Energy Savings

With a range of SEER options available in rooftop units, having a General Mechanical expert on your side can make a significant difference in the functioning and monetary savings of a rooftop unit. With the primary energy consumption of these units being over 1.3 quads, the smallest improvement in efficiency can make a big difference in both your bottom line and the comfort of your employees.

The right rooftop unit can make a significant change in your energy savings. By addressing the energy efficiency of your rooftop unit regarding your commercial or industrial building, you can reduce your operating costs, enhance the value of this asset, conserve natural resources, and improve air quality for your building.

Maintenance Plans for Commercial HVAC Rooftop Air Conditioning Units

Our preventative care and maintenance plans offer thorough analysis of units and continued optimization of your energy and financial savings. A maintenance plan helps prevent you from needing costly service calls, minimizes unexpected service calls and downtime, and keeps your equipment well maintained for longer.

With regular maintenance customized to your particular buildings’ needs, your rooftop unit will be checked for safe operation, receive tune-ups, and be evaluated for any further necessary service.

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