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Commercial & Industrial Dehumidification Systems

Does your hotel need to install a commercial grade dehumidification system to reduce the amount of water in the air for your guests who are not in the pool area? Is your library concerned about the effect of humidity on the books in your collection? Are you experiencing unwanted condensation in your food packaging plant? Our expert technicians at General Mechanical can resolve these issues with the installation, repair, and maintenance of your industrial grade dehumidification system.

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Specific Aspects of Your Chicago Area Dehumidification Needs

We conduct thorough evaluations of your property before making our recommendations regarding energy savings, replacement units, or the installation of a new dehumidification system. Some of the vital factors that we include in our decision making process include:

  • Water per kilowatt of electricity ratio of conversion for your space.
  • The targeted temperature of your area.
  • Desiccant and filter options for your industry.

For example, the necessary dehumidification system for an enclosed heated pool is very different than what is required for an art gallery. Our technicians are here to aid you by advising you on the best system for your business.

Industries We Serve

Dehumidification systems are crucial for an array of businesses located here in the Chicago area. Because they are used in so many capacities, the importance of a thorough dehumidification system that accomplishes all of your company’s needs cannot be overstated.

We’ve provided commercial dehumidification installation and maintenance services for businesses in the following industries:

  • Printing
  • Food packaging
  • Fitness centers
  • Museums
  • Pools
  • Hospitality
  • Grocery stores
  • Education
  • Libraries
  • Restaurants
  • Machinery
  • And more!

Serving Chicago’s businesses since 1973, we have the mechanical expertise to accommodate your business any time of the day or night with personalized care.

Benefits of Proactive Maintenance Plans for Commercial Dehumidifiers

Our technicians complete preventative maintenance by conducting an energy evaluation and cost savings analysis. Based on the age and efficiency of your current dehumidification unit, we can modify your unit to run with variable frequency drives so that the motor works better. We repair and maintain a variety of units, even older ones that need replacement and repairs instead of a complete retrofitting.

Our maintenance plans help:

  • Prevent breakdowns
  • Pre-empt costly service calls
  • Keep equipment well maintained for longer
  • Lower utility bills

With regular maintenance a few times a year, your dehumidification system will run better and last you longer, protecting the investment you’ve made in this unit.

Call us at (847) 999-4100 or fill out our contact form to talk about the needs of your commercial dehumidification system.