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Commercial & Industrial Ventilation through Exhaust Systems

Is your manufacturing facility experiencing ventilation issues? Does your hotel’s kitchen need a hooded exhaust system replacement? Is your ventilation system creating odd noises or concerning odors? Have you recently realized the importance of getting your ventilation system maintained on a regular basis to prevent future downtime and part replacement? The General Mechanical team is here to address all of your commercial and industrial ventilation needs.

In the busy Chicagoland area, commercial and industrial businesses requiring high output and efficient exhaust systems are everywhere. Whether the location is designed for food service, manufacturing, hospitals, laboratories, or other concern, controlled air movement is necessary for the comfort and safety of building occupants. In some cases, removal of harmful gasses is essential to protecting the health of workers.

We’ve been a Chicago area leader in commercial and industrial HVAC system design, installation, maintenance, and repair since 1973. We’re the team to call when you need to:

  • Design a new ventilation system
  • Repair your current exhaust system
  • Optimize your system’s efficiency
  • Replace outdated parts
  • Reduce operating costs
  • And more!

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Industrial Exhaust Fans

Ensuring that industrial ventilation systems are in working order is important for maintaining your employees’ health and safety, regardless of the type of business you have. Exhaust fans divert dangerous chemicals away from employees and lower heat in the working environment. But, a well-designed ventilation system also protects your financial investment in your business by increasing work time and reducing your utility costs from electrical needs.

Exhaust systems range in function from moving air to keep odors from accumulating to completely removing harmful or dangerous emissions that may be harmful to human health. General Mechanical specialists can assess your facility’s airflow needs and determine the best location and types of fans and vents required. When designing an exhaust system, General Mechanical experts will perform a technical audit of the surroundings, functions, and types of materials to be handled in the space. Depending upon the potential health risks, the design will address the types and capacities of fans, hoods, and other evacuation equipment. Proper location and the development of negative and positive pressure zones are critical components of exhaust fan design.

At General Mechanical, we provide design, repair, and maintenance service for:

  • Wall mount exhaust fans – Wall mount exhaust fans with variable or constant speed provide a continuous air flow through rooms like workshops, greenhouses, and garages to impart continuous movement to prevent stagnation and condensation.
  • Roof mount exhaust fans Roof mount exhaust fans are designed to draw dirty, hot, contaminated, or undesirable air from any room to be dispersed into the outer atmosphere. These are ideal for manufacturers and laboratories to remove fumes and smoke, and are frequently attached to hood exhaust systems.
  • Shutter mount exhaust fans – Shutter mount exhaust fans are installed to remove stale air from closed rooms. The shutters are connected to a motor and open when the fan is in operation and close when it stops. This type of fan is prevalent in barns, workrooms, garages, warehouses, and many industrial locations.
  • Fresh air supply fans – Fresh air supply fans are designed to draw air into a room to provide ventilation and a regular supply of fresh air. Filtered or non-filtered, this equipment provides a supply of fresh air to commercial kitchens or laboratories to replace the contaminated air that is being eliminated by the other fans.

Completing work on all aspects of your ventilation system is our specialty.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Commercial kitchens in local co-ops, hotels, and schools are a vital area in which to have a functioning exhaust system. With the amount of heat generated by commercial and industrial grade kitchens, in addition to the smoke created by food items that are seared or fried, you must ensure you have a ventilation system that is designed specifically for your space.

Exhaust Systems for Manufacturing Plants

If your employees are working with chemicals, gases, or other hazardous materials, it is crucial that the building’s ventilation and exhaust system is performing at its best. This is a part of your HVAC system that keeps your employees healthy, so repairing it as soon as breakdowns occur and investing in maintenance to prevent breakdowns is in your company’s best interest.

Maintenance Matters for Chicago Area Industrial & Commercial Properties

General Mechanical offers our maintenance plans to save you time and money as we work to extend the life of your exhaust and ventilation system. We provide maintenance for your equipment, ensuring that everything from the ducts to hoods to the exhaust stack are in peak working order.

Regular maintenance on your exhaust system can:

  • Minimize unexpected and costly maintenance calls
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Prevent service calls for broken down equipment
  • Keep equipment well maintained
  • Help equipment last longer
  • Avoid downtime for repairs

Exhaust Fan Repair

When your fans undergo a significant amount of wear and tear over time, parts and wiring may begin to become worn and need replacement. Sometimes wiring must be replaced. Moreover, in the case of continuous evacuation of noxious emissions or grease-filled air, the exhaust fan components may need to be cleaned or repaired. General Mechanical experts in the Chicago area can diagnose and repair your exhaust system in your facility to ensure proper operation.

Why Choose General Mechanical?

Whether a commercial kitchen, a high-functioning industrial plant, or a chemical laboratory, General Mechanical specialists in the Chicago area will design, install, and maintain your commercial and industrial exhaust systems. General Mechanical offers a wide variety of exhaust fans specifically designed for your applications and volume.

If you are looking for a mechanical contractor in Chicagoland, we are here to help. Industrial and commercial businesses in Illinois have been coming to us for all HVAC needs since 1973. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • We have over 40 years of experience in industrial and commercial HVAC
  • Our technicians are fully experienced and union-certified
  • We provide professional, personalized service that has turned many of our jobs into long-term relationships
  • We offer 24-hour emergency service

Pick up the phone and call General Mechanical at (847) 999-4100 or fill out a contact form to talk about your exhaust system and ventilation needs.