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Dehumidification Systems

The amount of humidity in the air is important for many work environments because we know that it affects machinery, production processes, electricity, and even workers’ health. This is particularly true when dealing with industrial materials, so our technicians are experts at adapting their knowledge to create recommendations for your particular environment. Whether you’re looking for industrial grade portable dehumidifiers for instance-based needs or a dry desiccant, General Mechanical can evaluate your commercial or industrial property and provide a recommendation on the best way to provide you with dehumidification.

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Types of Dehumidifiers for Industrial Use

The type of dehumidifier used in each instance is just as important as using a dehumidifier, which is why choosing General Mechanical highly trained experts to work on your business’ equipment is in your best interest. While one environment may respond just fine to a DX reheat unit, we know that it is not ideal to have a DX unit in a very low humidity controlled space. Our technicians are well educated in the best way to get dehumidification results that protect your business.

We have utilized each type of dehumidifier available to us, including:

  • Direct expansion
  • Dry desiccant
  • Liquid desiccant
  • Air to air heat exchange

We pride ourselves on energy efficiency and energy management, not only helping the environment but also helping your business’ bottom line. Our green HVAC maintenance practices can make your system last longer, prevent costly repairs, reduce energy bills, and avoid downtime due to breakdowns.

Industries We Serve

We’ve worked with an array of industries in the Chicago area that have need for dehumidification systems.

Just a few of the industries that we’ve helped include:

  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical plants
  • Printing
  • Food
  • Data centers/computer rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Medical and healthcare
  • And other commercial and industrial buildings in Chicago

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