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Computer Room Air Conditioning

Server Room Air Conditioning Services

Mainframes and racks of servers in data centers reach astonishing levels of heat that then need to be adjusted to preserve the integrity of the computer room. We service computer room air conditioning units and provide consultation on the best option for your business, either in installing a new unit or optimizing your current situation.

Our computer room air conditioning units monitor the temperature in the room while adjusting the distribution of air, establishing reliability and energy efficiency. Server room air conditioners also detect humidity levels and accommodate for changes in the atmosphere.


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Features of Units

Unit Specific Features

In optimizing the right computer room air conditioning unit, the following are important factors to consider:

  • System redundancy for reliability
  • Energy efficient cooling
  • Variable speed operation

When your system is running at its best, you get reliability, energy efficiency, and an adaptable unit that is able to handle all your data center’s needs.

Cooling Methods

Computer room air conditioning units work by taking hot air from the top of the room and pushing it down to the floor, creating cold aisles. Cold air is then pumped directly to the servers from the floor to prevent over-heating. The cold air then runs through the server and is blown out via exhaust fans in the back of the server, causing the air temperature to increase. That warm air then rises and is pulled back in by the CRAC unit, finishing the cycle.

Your options for cooling methods include free cooling, chilled water, and direct expansion cooling. Free cooling uses outdoor air when the weather permits, activating unit fans for off-peak weather conditions like temperature and humidity. Chilled water cooling utilizes recirculation of air during peak times. Direct expansion cooling uses a mechanical refrigerant system to cool your computer room.

Maintenance Plans for Computer Room Air Conditioning in Chicago

To minimize disruptions to your data center, we recommend our scheduled maintenance plans for continued service. By choosing preventative maintenance, you can prevent costly service calls, minimize unexpected service visits, keep your equipment well maintained for longer, and reduce your energy bills.

Each service visit is customized to your needs and specific to your computer room air conditioning unit. Visits usually involve checking all parts for safety and optimal running, necessary tune-ups, and recommendations for additional needed work before your unit malfunctions.


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