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McQuay/Daikin Applied

McQuay, or Daikin Applied, manufactures a wide range of state-of-the art, highly efficient HVAC equipment. Headquartered in Minneapolis, the company, originally named McQuay International, has been a subsidiary of Daikin since 2006 and is represented globally by a wide network of highly qualified distributors.

In the Chicago region, Daikin Applied’s partner is General Mechanical, a nearly century-old leader in air management solutions for buildings and complexes of all sizes.

History of McQuay/Daikin Applied

McQuay was incorporated in 1933 when they manufactured ventilation systems for classrooms. As commercial air conditioning technology grew, the company expanded as building construction demanded air conditioning systems as a requirement rather than an option.

Notably, McQuay International was honored in 1993 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for their contribution to a sustainable environment with the design of chilling equipment using ozone-safe refrigerants.

In 2006, in a merger of highly compatible companies, Daikin Industries acquired McQuay International. During the subsequent years, Daikin McQuay created products that set the pace for others in the HVAC industry to follow.

In 2014, the company name was changed to Daikin Applied.

Daikin’s Adaptable Solutions

Daikin Applied produces climate control products that meet the needs of every building, large or small, to bring highly efficient indoor climate management. The company produces a complete range of air handlers, rooftop systems, chillers, condensers, fans, packaged air conditioners, and heat pumps.

During the design phase of any new construction or retrofit of a building, General Mechanical experts will collaborate with designers to install the appropriately sized, state-of-the-art Daikin Applied equipment to produce the cleanest, most cost efficient HVAC systems available.

Rooftop systems range from 3 to 150 tons of capacity, include:

  • Light Commercial Models DC Cooling & Heat Pump: 3 to 20 tons
  • Rebel®  Cooling and Heat Pump: 3 to 28 tons
  • Maverick I® Light Cooling & Heating: 3 to 25 tons
  • Maverick II® Heating & Cooling:  15 to 75 tons
  • RoofPak® Heating & Cooling: 15 to 140 tons
  • RoofPak® Evaporative Cooled Heating & Cooling: 75 to 150 tons

The choice of equipment depends upon the volume of space to be heated or cooled and the geographic extremes of the external temperatures. When the equipment is matched with specifically designed energy management software, Daikin Applied products reduce heating and cooling costs substantially.

Integrated and Controllable

Since an estimated 40% of all energy used in the average building relates to heating and cooling, employing easily monitored and adaptable systems is essential.

Daikin Applied, in conjunction with General Mechanical, offers a programmable wireless platform to integrate HVAC systems for maximum efficiency. MicroTech® Integrated System lets you manage and monitor your entire HVAC system from a central control point or from any smart device.  With a goal to minimize heating and cooling costs, the software allows the user to set and manage temperatures levels, program start and end times for specific zones, and coordinate the activity of multiple units.

A broad range of controls have been developed for compatibility with virtually any building systems management platform.

McQuay/Daikin and Sustainability

True to McQuay’s original objective, Daikin’s primary mission is to develop and manufacture air handling products that are energy efficient, reduce environmental impact, and even contribute to LEED certification for environmental sustainability.

Daikin Industries has been awarded “One of 100 Sustainable Companies” by Corporate Knights for three consecutive years.

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