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Multistack is the manufacturer of a range of modular chilling systems designed for many commercial and industrial applications. Because of a sophisticated, yet relatively simple, design, maintenance for Multistack’s wide range of solutions is less complex than other options. General Mechanical is pleased to be the Chicagoland distributor, installer, and maintenance provider for Multistack.

Modular Solutions for Commercial & Industrial Facilities in Chicago, IL

Companies grow and capacities must be extended to maintain growth. Eventually replacing original chillers with new and larger pieces is very expensive and can be disruptive to normal operations. Linking a second modular unit to the original unit adds much-needed capacity saves money and time.

Modular chillers also use less energy. Because of the smaller size, Multistack equipment uses far less energy and doesn’t waste energy through over capacity.

The economic advantage of the modular design is apparent. The initial investment in high-quality chilling equipment is lower for a start-up company. Effective marketing and quality enhancements are much better ways to employ that initial capital. With a modular design, Multistack units with the capacity to provide 70 tons of output occupy a mere ten square feet of floor space.

Multistack Products

Multistack offers a range of products for different applications and situations. These include chillers that are water or air-cooled, heat pumps and dedicated heat recovery chillers, centrifugal chillers and air-cooled split air and water-cooled systems.

MagLev water-cooled and air-cooled chillers provide a 2-stage, variable speed, frictionless centrifugal operation for maximum efficiency at top capacity.

Multistack Equipment Installation

The modular approach by Multistack solves a broad range of challenges. Tight spaces and accessibility to original equipment made replacement of obsolete equipment impossible. Downsizing and replacing the original with smaller units that matched capacity were the only solutions. Multistack met that challenge.

Multistack units fit through doorways, hallways, and into elevators. Replacing old chillers is easy and requires far less time to install than other units.

Benefits of Multistack

Multistack designers create chillers that operate with the lowest sound levels possible. The equipment consists of specially developed compressors and Multistack’s patented sound-suppressing panel systems.

As a testimony to the quietness of the equipment, owners of custom homes and hospital administrators have chosen Multistack chillers.

Ongoing Maintenance by North Town Mechanical

General Mechanical specializes in installation and maintenance of HVAC and chilling equipment. Because these devices are highly technical and often include computerized electronics and highly sensitive components, maintenance should only be performed by trained and qualified technicians. North Town offers economic and ongoing preventive maintenance e programs that will keep the equipment running smoothly. Extending chiller life, reducing energy costs, and avoiding costly breakdowns

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