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Liebert, a global subsidiary of Emerson Electric, produces highly efficient power and precision cooling equipment for commercial and industrial applications. Since the company’s creation in 1946, Liebert has manufactured air cooling solutions for computer mainframe systems and other critical environments requiring very accurate temperature management.

Today Liebert specializes in thermal management, power, infrastructure management, and IT and networking racks and integrated solutions.

Liebert Air Conditioning Equipment

Partnering with North Town Mechanical in Chicagoland, Liebert supplies the highest quality air conditioning, thermal management, and air handling equipment available. Liebert’s long history with cooling mainframe computer hardware has evolved into highly technical and precise cooling devices that are dependable and durable.

Also, the technology built into the systems is highly advanced compared to most other systems, Liebert equipment requires an understanding of both the technical and operation elements to reach its maximum efficiency. With a touchscreen interface and data system management, you can manage all operational parameters efficiently. While quickly monitoring energy usage and past performance, you may only adjust the controls for the highest cooling efficiency.

Preventative Maintenance of Liebert Cooling Systems

Eventually, any air conditioning system will begin to wear down, lose energy, and require maintenance. There are many technical complexities in modern air conditioning and heating systems. The Liebert systems while extremely efficient do require ongoing preventative maintenance to maintain peak performance. Parts collect grime, begin to wear out and can lose their effectiveness. As a result, the systems must work harder to achieve the desired temperature levels.

Liebert’s systems the high-quality mainly because of the technology incorporated in the units. These air conditioners require a higher standard of training and expertise to maintain. As a result only trained and licensed technicians should perform preventative maintenance on Liebert equipment.

General Mechanical Preventative Maintenance Contract

Experienced North Town Mechanical experts are trained and licensed to work on all types of HVAC and systems cooling equipment. Many of these, like Liebert equipment, utilize complicated electronic control systems that employ specialized instrumentation. It is a mistake to trust maintenance of these devices to unskilled individuals since this may result in bigger problems.

Ask for an affordable, ongoing preventative maintenance with North Town Mechanical specialists. The benefits include:

  • Longer equipment life
  • Virtually no disruption in service
  • Eliminating costly emergency repairs
  • Maintaining high energy efficiency
  • 24-hour emergency service

Keeping your Liebert equipment in top working condition will save energy in the long-run. As a result, your company will be saving money and contributing to the welfare of the global environment.

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