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Innovent is a premier manufacturer of industrial and commercial energy recovery equipment for the heating and cooling industry. Every product, whether standard or custom-designed, reflects an ongoing determination to provide superior air handling solutions that deliver unparalleled design, value, and functionality to businesses around the world.

Innovent Equipment Is Built to Order

Meeting unique challenges with cost-effective solutions has advanced Innovent as an industry leader in the design and production of custom air handling systems. Their engineers and sales representatives work closely with facility personnel to evaluate specific heating, cooling, and air-quality requirements before custom designing one-of-a-kind, energy-efficient, dependable systems.

Innovent Air Handling Units

Innovent will direct-match replacement designs, including existing multi-zone units. Factory performance testing on casing and basin leakage, airflow verification, panel deflection, and sound verification is available to ensure a premium-quality unit is supplied and capable of delivering exactly what was specified.

Available options on all units include the following:

  • Outside air and evaporative cooling
  • Gas and electric heating
  • Chilled-water and DX cooling
  • All-aluminum housings or other special casing construction


The custom design of the C-Series allows for limitless design changes in sizing, equipment layout, accessibility, and casing splits. Some features include 4-inch walls, fan arrays, fully welded wash-down floors, and thermal break construction. Capacities range from 250 cubic feet per minute to 250,000 cubic feet per minute and up to 400-ton packaged refrigeration systems.


These units recapture energy from the air leaving the building and transfers it to fresh incoming air, which minimizes operating costs by reducing equipment HVAC load requirements. Innovent E-Series systems provide effective energy recovery in winter and summer seasons, and offer the following options:

  • Multiple energy recovery options and flexible cabinet designs
  • Units include single or dual “wrap-around” energy recovery components to reduce the cooling load
  • Control ranges from between 5 to 50 percent relative humidity using low to high temp, or passive regeneration methods


These units are designed for spaces requiring low humidity levels and constricted tolerances outside the proficiencies of standard air handling units. This equipment distributes very dry air throughout buildings requiring relative humidity levels below 50 percent. They provide controlled, healthy environments for hospitals, research facilities and clean rooms as well as in archive storage facilities, museums and ice skating rinks. The designs allow for flexibility, enabling engineers to stipulate non-proprietary systems.


Innovent has been successfully engineering customized pool dehumidification systems for nearly two decades for some of America’s most unique natatoriums, indoor pools, and waterparks. The products naturally dehumidify indoor pool and waterpark spaces by using outdoor air. This approach delivers greater comfort to swimmers and spectators alike. Using outdoor air also reduces the amount of time needed for mechanical dehumidification, lowering operating costs.

Natural dehumidification is efficiently accomplished by using an air-to-air, all-aluminum heat exchanger. During off-season facility operations, energy is transferred from the exhaust air to the outdoor air, which reduces heating requirements.

  • Naturally dehumidifies indoor spaces with 20%-50% outdoor air.
  • Greatly reduces mechanical dehumidification loads.
  • Improves air quality in the space by exhausting greater amounts of chloramines.

On all units, Innovent’s non-proprietary approach allows your engineers to choose the best system based on budget and space requirements.

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