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A trendsetter for over a century, Honeywell is a diverse and innovative leader in industrial controls, production management, fire sensing and safety systems, and more. Honeywell’s innovative devices are designed to make the world more secure, improve connectivity, foster energy efficiency, and support higher productivity. A global company, Honeywell’s range of products help many types of organizations to be more sustainable.

General Mechanical sells, installs, and services many  Honeywell devices. A diverse group of products, the line of industrial are prominent in many industries including manufacturing, chemicals, aerospace, oil and gas, security, healthcare, vehicles, and construction.

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Honeywell Industrial Controls Product Line

Sensors, Switches & Controls

Honeywell and General Mechanical offer a variety of solutions for a broad array of industrial and mechanical situations. These are carefully engineered for precision, durability, and reliability. Devices to monitor air flow, heaters, humidity, pressure, temperature and more are available. Electromechanical switches come in a variety of formats and styles including toggle, snap-action, limit, and more. Wireless sensors and switches are available for many applications.

Honeywell’s product line also includes controls, monitors, test and measurement products like pressure and torque transducers, accelerators, LVDTs, and testing and measuring instrumentation.

Test & Measurement Sensors

Honeywell devices are designed to handle any size situation from medical measurement requirements to massive manufacturing line monitoring. Devices can measure load, pressure, torque, displacement, acceleration, and more.

Advanced Process Control Software

Adaptable to multivariable control and optimization, Honeywell software manages very complex manufacturing processes. After implementation, users experience higher productivity in the processing units with fewer interruptions.

Callidus Industrial Combustion

Callidus Technology provides burners, catalytic reduction systems, burners, thermal oxidizers, and flares. These may be used for heat transfer and distillation, hydrogen purification, and gas processing.

Maxon Industrial Combustion Solutions

Integrated burner and combustion systems simplify industrial process heating applications. The line includes gas and oil burners, hazardous area shut-off valves, low-emission industrial burners, and ratio and flow-control products.

Industrial Flame Monitoring

Honeywell’s flame monitoring devices are designed for a broad range of industrial processes. Remote configuration with monitoring and diagnostics are configured to maintain the highest safety and functionality standard in manufacturing. With a wide array of sensor options, the flame monitoring system can be tailored to any industrial environment.

Gas Detection

Fixed or portable, Honeywell gas detection systems provide exceptional protection for any situation. Highly sensitive, these devices protect workers and building occupants from exposure to toxic gasses and emissions.

Control Monitoring & Safety Systems

Recognizing that safety is the critical objective, Honeywell’s range of safety monitoring and control systems pull together all monitoring devices into an integrated system. The network includes digital video management, fire and gas detection monitoring, automated load-out and conveyors, and scalable control systems that do not require the massive complex capability for less complex functions.

General Mechanical in Chicago, Illinois

Serving Chicagoland for nearly a century, North Town Mechanical partners with Honeywell to provide a variety of solutions for a range of situations. North Town specialists are licensed and trained to design, install, maintain, and monitor HVAC and air purification systems. During the design a new building or a remodel, North Town experts can collaborate to provide the most efficient and economical atmosphere management system that will provide comfort and minimize cost over the life of the building. With a portfolio of world-class suppliers, North Town experts can provide the best and most economical solutions.

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