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Dectron is the leading maker of indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers. The equipment is specially designed to improve and maintain indoor air quality and intended to reduce humidity and recycle heat into the pool. While keeping pool occupants comfortable in and out of the swimming pool, Dectron equipment performs all functions quietly and unobtrusively.

Advantages of Dectron Dehumidifier Equipment

For the past 40 years, Dectron DRY-O-TRON® dehumidifiers have performed efficiently in venues ranging from small commercial indoor pools to the largest natatoriums. Known for innovation and “green” development in indoor environmental situations, Dectron commits to delivering the most comfortable experience possible.

Dectron indoor pool dehumidifiers improve ambient air quality and eliminate humidity. By recycling heat back into the pool, the system is energy-efficient and environmentally positive. For maintenance and monitoring, the system comes with easy access and maintenance.


Dectron designs the indoor humidifiers to be energy efficient while serving a dual purpose. After removing the warm moisture from the ambient air, the system pumps the heat back into the pool to maintain a comfortable water temperature.

Range of Products

Atmosphere control equipment by Dectron comes in several types and configurations. Besides the DRY-O-TRON® equipment, Dectron produces and sells ECO TRON® air handling, refrigeration, energy recovery, desiccant dehumidification, and air purification equipment.

Circul-aire Air Management systems bring air purification to another level. Gas filtration, air filtering, custom fan and filter housings, deep bed air scrubbers, and gas phase filter modules. Museums with priceless art and displays employ Dectron Circul-aire products to ensure the environment is pure and free of contaminants.

Surveyor Plus and Remo instruments provide corrosion monitoring to ensure the ambient air is kept free of unwanted materials and particulates. Chemical media and filtration systems are used to maintain the cleanest environment.

Preventative Maintenance

Dectron atmosphere management and dehumidifier equipment require regular preventative maintenance. Since are highly technical devices, only trained technicians should perform regular service on this equipment. General Mechanical technicians are qualified to handle any service issues that may arise with Dectron equipment.

To install or maintain Dectron equipment, contact General Mechanical.

General Mechanical in Chicago, Illinois

Serving Chicagoland for nearly a century, North Town Mechanical partners with Dectron to provide a variety of solutions for air purification and humidity control for a range of situations. North Town specialists are licensed and trained to design, install, maintain, and monitor HVAC and air purification systems. During the design a new building or a remodel, North Town experts can collaborate to provide the most efficient and economical atmosphere management system that will provide comfort and minimize cost over the life of the building. With a portfolio of world-class suppliers, North Town experts can provide the best and most economical solutions.

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