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Originating in a Denmark farmhouse in 1933, Danfoss has become a world leader in energy-efficient and innovative solutions for the HVAC industry. While their focus is not merely heating and refrigeration, Danfoss equipment and devices are managing industrial production everywhere while providing sensible domestic solutions for comfortable living. Danfoss Engineering is a diverse manufacturer of primary elements and components for equipment in a broad range of heating, cooling, refrigeration, HVAC, and other categories. Danfoss focuses on critical control units and parts in four areas of concentration: infrastructure, food supply, energy efficiency, and climate friendly solutions.

An important partner of General Mechanical, Danfoss provides state-of-the-art technical equipment for upgrading and improving the efficiency of HVAC, refrigeration, and other systems. If you’re interested in installing a Danfoss HVAC system in Chicago, Illinois, contact our team today.

Danfoss Commercial & Industrial Equipment


Danfoss manufactures compressors for industrial air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration systems. Their compressors are suitable for rooftop applications and are highly efficient and sustainable. The equipment uses refrigerants that including R410A, R407C, R134A, and R22. The Danfoss Inverter Compressors accommodate lighter commercial applications and process cooling. The Danfoss Maneurop Reciprocating Compressor designs are intended for air conditioning in moderate and high-temperature environments. Incorporate these as single units or manifold units in tandem in parallel mounting situations.

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Danfoss has a broad range of accessories to manage your refrigeration systems. These include controls, valves, switches, and thermostats. The component designs provide better performance and efficiency to your cooling systems to lower operating costs while meeting your productivity goals. Valve types include:

  • Thermostatic expansion
  • Pressure and temperature regulation
  • Water-regulating
  • Shut-off
  • Check
  • Solenoid

ICF Multifunction valves can substitute for several existing mechanical or electrical valves. Appliance controls, liquid level controls, and electronic sensors and transmitters can perform a number of different functions within an industrial operation. Danfoss strainers and oil separators will keep your AC system from malfunctioning due to insufficient lubrication.

Heating Equipment

Danfoss has been innovating heating systems for industrial and domestic use for over 80 years. The company has a solution for just about any heating requirement. Beginning with valves and burner components, the Danfoss line includes industrial and domestic hot water systems, electronic thermostats, energy meters to measure usage, heat pumps, and ice and snow melting systems. Danfoss Flat Stations will provide heat and hot water on demand. These space-saving units are ideal for smaller apartments and homes. Floor heating is a terrific option for some home configurations and colder climates. Danfoss Floor Heating Systems, electric heating mats or hydronic underfloor systems will enhance the comfort and value of any home. For heavier municipal or multi-structure applications, Danfoss supplies devices for plate heat exchangers and substations. Electronic measuring and monitoring devices are also part of the Danfoss portfolio. Time and temperature gauges, hydronic balancing and oversight, differential pressure and flow controllers, and time controls complete the line of Danfoss heat management systems.

Industrial Automation

Danfoss has designed gauges, controls, and monitoring devices to manage many critical elements of industrial production. Thermostatic valves, externally operated valves, and solenoid valves regulate the flow of every sort of material including:

  • Liquids
  • High-viscosity fluids
  • Ingredients flowing at extreme temperatures

High-Pressure Pumps

Danfoss manufactures high-pressure pumping equipment for industry and municipal applications. From gas and oil drilling rigs to fire fighting applications, Danfoss pumps are highly efficient. These high-pressure pumps accommodate reverse osmosis applications, dust suppression, and hydraulics.

General Mechanical & Danfoss in Chicago, Illinois

Longtime experts in efficient heating and cooling systems in the Chicago region, General Mechanical technicians will collaborate with building owners and designers to develop a highly efficient and sustainable network for your building. Using Danfoss’ advanced technology, General Mechanical will install the integrated network that provides the most efficient and sustainable energy system available for your individual needs. Contact us now for your Danfoss installation in Chicago, Illinois!