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For more than a century, Trane has recognized that each commercial structure has its own set of requirements necessary to ensure the comfort, health and productivity of the people in the building. More than half of the largest buildings in the world feature Trane® chillers which boost HVAC systems in delivering amount of ventilation, humidity and temperature. Trane chillers also minimize operating costs, increase energy efficiency and low sound levels while causing minimal environmental impact. To date, the Trane CenTraVac™ chiller line has earned multiple awards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, including the 2007 Best of the Best Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award.

Trane Chillers in Chicago

Chicago has long been known for its bold approach to engineering and industry, as evidenced by the city’s district cooling network. The Thermal Chicago Corporation owns and maintains the world’s largest networked cooling system, serving more than 90 buildings and over 40 million square feet of space in Chicago’s downtown. Trane chillers have played their part in this development since 2007.

CenTraVac chillers are available in a wide range of cooling capacities and customizable features that can be optimized to suit each building’s size, needs and function.


Since the late 1930s, Trane CenTraVac commercial chillers were recognized as being the most efficient and reliable chillers in the world. CenTraVac chillers are included in the EcoWise™ product line, featuring extremely low global warming potential.

CenTraVac commercial chillers have a nearly zero leak rate, with an estimated lifetime of between 30 and 50 years. At General Mechanical, an expert will work with you to design and install the most efficient and effective Trane chiller system for your commercial building or industrial complex. All Trane units are available in the following range of capacities.


CenTraVac centrifugal chillers represent the most reliable, low emission, quiet centrifugal chillers in the industry. The systems are less expensive to install and operate than conventional designs. The reduced size of the ductwork and equipment also reduces the percentage of airflow at colder temperatures, providing for a far less noisy operation. This feature also improves indoor air quality and reduces relative humidity throughout the building.

Each unit is hermetically sealed and precisely cooled by a liquid refrigerant that keeps the drive, motor, and equipment room temperatures under constant control. This design feature also protects against destructive elements from affecting operations, including grit, metal shavings, dust, humidity, and other contaminants.

This is the first chiller in the world to earn the Type III Environmental Product Declaration registration.


Designed for large-capacity facilities, the CenTraVac duplex chillers contain dual compressors with autonomous refrigerant circuits. They’re the only double-compressor chillers capable of using a supporting condenser to recover heat that would be otherwise rejected to the cooling tower. The evaporator technology reduces the refrigerant charge to nearly half that of most competitors, meaning lower operating costs and environmental impact. Those aren’t the only benefits of a Trane duplex chiller, however.

  • Industry’s highest efficiency levels in large applications
  • Unit mounted starter and adaptable drive options reduce square footage
  • Lower pumping costs
  • Energy saving options include heated water recovery and storage
  • Nearly non-existent leak rate

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