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For 60 years, AEC has been a major plastics industry supplier of chillers. Expanding to many other industries and functions like blending, drying, and conveying in a wide range of environments, AEC has enjoyed organic growth driven by their internal innovation and acquisition of strategically targeted businesses.

AEC, like General Mechanical, is committed to customer satisfaction with high-quality products and services combined with cost-effective solutions for many challenges.

To install or maintain AEC equipment in the Chicago area, contact General Mechanical.

Process Cooling & Temperature Control Products

GP Series

For any sized chilling requirements, AEC’s range accommodates everything from ½ ton to 60 tons of chilling capacity. AEC’s GP Series coolers are self-contained units capable of leaving fluid temperature of 20°-80° degrees F with a line of models capable of chilling 5 to 50 tons. These models may be air-cooled, water-cooled, or remotely air-cooled to match any manufacturing process. These units are designed for the ultimate in efficiency with variable frequency drives and electrically activated cooling water regulating valves. Many aspects of these units are adaptable to a range of situations.

PCA Series

A smaller capacity option, the PCA Series Packaged Chiller are capable of smaller, yet highly critical chilling operations. The PCA capacity ranges from 0.5 to 1.5 tons and is self-contained for simple hook-up. The temperature control provides a steady ±2°F variance using microprocessor-based controls.

This incomparable unit occupies a mere 20” by 24” footprint, saving valuable production space and simple installation.

PS Series

The PS Series Water Chillers are powered by 2.5 hp to 2.5 hp air-cooled motors. This equipment is easily installed and compact with an operating leaving water temperature range of 30°F to 65°F with hot gas bypass capacity control.

AEC Central Chillers

AEC offers a range of indoor and outdoor chilling equipment. These range from 10 to 100 tons of cooling capacity that are easy to maintain and utilize environmentally friendly refrigerant.

30RAP Series

A space-saving process cooler, the unit can be installed outside. Outdoors, the equipment works in coordination with the inside reservoir and pumping systems. These systems are installation-ready, factory-tested, and pre-piped and wired, and completely insulated for energy preservation.

30RB Series

The 30RB is designed entirely for outdoor installation which works with the inside reservoir and pumping system, and the range has a capacity of 60 to 300 tons. With 28 different models, you will have a choice of many different capabilities and configurations. Easy-to-install and fully equipped upon delivery, the 30RB equipment is capable and highly efficient.

GC Series

The GC Central Chillers are capable of 20 to 60 tons of volume and can be joined in parallel with other units as your demand increases. The GC has a leaving temperature range of 20° to 80° F. To be fully adaptive; the GC Series comes with a full grouping of electronic sensors and information displays.

Trident GS Series

The Trident GS Series uses the most advanced technologies that offer innovative chilling. The system will handle a volume ranging from 50 to 120 tons with a leaving fluid temperature range of 30° to 65° F. Versatile, sophisticated and capable of linking with other Trident chillers, the Trident GS can solve virtually all production challenges.

Other AEC Equipment

AEC offers a full range of Pump Tanks and Chilling Towers. Contact General Mechanical for more information.

General Mechanical in Chicago, Illinois

Serving Chicagoland for nearly a century, General Mechanical partners with AEC to provide a variety of solutions for air chillers for a range of situations. General Mechanical specialists are licensed and trained to design, install, maintain, and monitor HVAC and air purification systems. During the design a new building or a remodel, General Mechanical experts can collaborate to provide the most efficient and economical atmosphere management system that will provide comfort and minimize cost over the life of the building. With a portfolio of world-class suppliers, General Mechanical experts can provide the best and most economical solutions.

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