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KeepRite Heating and Cooling Systems

KeepRite Heating and Cooling products are energy efficient, state-of-the-art systems designed for residential use. Quiet, clean and efficient, KeepRite air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, air purifiers and others are economical and long lasting with expert installation and maintenance.

In the Chicago area, North Town Mechanical Service is a designated distributor for KeepRite equipment. Contact us now for your installation. 

KeepRite Buying Guide and Interactive Q&A

To assist in the decision process, KeepRite and North Town Mechanical will provide you with an informative Buying Guide to help you make the right decision. And the KeepRite website offers an interactive Q&A feature where you may address heating and air conditioning questions directly to a KeepRite expert.

KeepRite Air Conditioner Efficiency

KeepRite produces air conditioning systems that range in efficiency ratings from SEER 13 to the most highly efficient ENERGY STAR® units at SEER 19.

ProComfort™ Deluxe Series

The ProComfort Deluxe series are the quietest and most energy efficient ENERGY STAR® air conditioners. This equipment provides dehumidification, particularly important during the Chicago summers when humidity is high. These air conditioners offer variable-speed operation that adapts to the ambient air and reduces energy costs. They may be paired with wireless remote access capability.

This group comes with a 10-year, no-hassle replacement warranty.

ProComfort™ Series

The ProComfort Series, a group of efficient and comfortable ENERGY STAR® systems, is a budget-friendlier option with SEER Ratings from 13 to 16. These long-lasting air conditioner units keep you comfortable during the hottest days.

KeepRite ProComfort air conditioners are backed by a 5-Year no-hassle replacement warranty.

Performance Series

KeepRite’s Performance Series offers 6 options designed to accommodate large and smallest spaces efficiently. With single stage cooling, these quiet and efficient models will provide comfort during the hottest summer conditions. The smaller profile of the Performance 14 Compact Central Air Conditioner will fit into the smallest spaces, perfect for small lots and multi-family housing.

The Performance Series is offered with a 1-Year no-hassle replacement warranty.

KeepRite Furnaces

KeepRite’s Gas and Oil Furnaces are among the most efficient in the industry. Available in the same classifications as the KeepRite Air Conditioners, ProComfort™ Deluxe, ProComfort™ and Peformance, these furnaces come with a range of capacities and efficiency ratings. Quiet and efficient, these are durable and carry lifetime limited warranty protection for the heat exchanger elements.

KeepRite Heat Pumps

In many instances, a KeepRite Heat Pump System is the solution for both heating and cooling. Delivering excellent year-round performance, KeepRite’s electric heat pump units are highly efficient and may even be paired with a gas furnace for dual-power source heating. KeepRite offers 11 options of different capabilities and some units can be managed with a remote Wi-Fi controller.

KeepRite offers a Compact Unit as well for those residences with limited external space.

Importance of a Matching System

In order to maintain the proper efficiency and temperature control, it is important to have a matching air conditioner and furnace system. Compatible and balanced systems will provide the most comfortable year-round environment while ensuring the cleanest air possible, controlling humidity, and using the least amount of energy.

Additional Products from KeepRite

KeepRite and North Town Mechanical Service in the Chicago area offer all types of HVAC equipment to ensure your comfort.  Additionally they sell and install geothermal heat pumps, ductless systems, state-of-the-art thermostats and more.

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