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HVAC Services for Data Centers

Ensuring that equipment in data centers does not overheat is a primary concern for IT specialists and designers. While energy efficiency is important to keep costs under control, maintaining the optimal temperature and humidity is essential to keep the equipment operating. According to BizTech, up to 50 percent of the power used by the data center may be consumed in the hardware area to maintain the proper conditions. As these centers continue to grow with additional equipment, the problem becomes even greater. “Hot spots” occur when the components become crowded when available space is limited.

General Mechanical specializes in comprehensive data center air conditioning services, including installation, maintenance and repair. Serving businesses in Chicagoland since 1973, we keep computer room AC systems running at peak performance, so you can rely on our services.

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Conditions for Data Center Hardware

Standards Informant, the Guide to Data Center Standards, reports the following range of conditions required to maintain a data center:

  • Temperatures should stay between 69°F-81°F.
  • Maximum relative humidity should not exceed 60 percent.
  • Maximum dewpoint is 59°F.
  • Maximum rate of temperature change should never exceed 9°F per hour.

ASHRAE Standards for Data Centers

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers has established a revised standard, 90.4-2016, which outlines the minimum efficiency requirements for data centers. The standard sets a mandate for the operation and management of cooling systems and the development of renewable energy resources.

Within a data center, conditions must be very strictly controlled to maintain the proper performance of the equipment. In an environment where a precise temperature and humidity are necessary within the space above the raised floor, even limited variation is unacceptable. Air filtration should be more substantial than in other areas too. To ensure continuous performance and eliminate the possibility of breakdown, redundant cooling and power systems are required.

Data Center Equipment Reliability & Efficiency

On a smaller scale, individual companies also must ensure their computers and data hardware operate in the right environment. No matter where your business or organization is situated, protect your data management systems with reliable and efficient HVAC systems. Making sure you have the right HVAC system is the priority when designing an effective data storage and administration system. Large or small, the same temperature and humidity factors can impact the operations of your system.

Loss of data access can be a devastating event for many companies. To ensure the proper conditions for your data center hardware, it is necessary to consult with a certified expert with experience to help you to select the right HVAC design for the area where the equipment will be operating. Only experts should plan, install, and maintain the cooling systems while developing adequate backup systems in case of emergency.

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