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Exhaust Fan Maintenance in Chicagoland

Maintenance programs save you time and
money and extend the life of your equipment.

As part of an industrial ventilation system, exhaust fans perform a critical role in removing excessive contaminant exposure and unpleasant or unsafe emissions. As with anything mechanical system, timely maintenance will ensure smooth operation and a longer operating life. Improper or irregular maintenance can result in adverse health risks to employees as well as operational interruptions. In extreme instances, operations must be halted until the deficient exhaust fan can be repaired or replaced.

In laboratories, print shops, manufacturing facilities of many types, auto shops and other facilities where noxious gases are released, exhaust systems are a primary element of the operation.

Industrial Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems are designed for the volume of air that must be evacuated. Exhaust fans are the critical working part of an industrial exhaust system. Hoods receive the unwanted emissions while ductwork channels the exhaust to a designated location. Fans must be the appropriate type and size for sufficient air movement to draw the contaminants into the hood and through the ductwork and to a designated outlet.  When dirty or poorly maintained, an exhaust fan may slow down or fail. Insufficient exhaust fan operation fails can result in an unhealthy environment can result.

Proper Maintenance of Exhaust Fans

Too often, exhaust fans are ignored until malfunction occurs. Residues can build up and cause the system to slow down. Slowdown may be a gradual process, not noticeable at first. This can be serious and result in illness and even liability issues.

Regular cleaning and maintenance is important for:

  • Employee health and safety
  • Extending the life of the exhaust system
  • Keeping energy costs low
  • Scheduled exhaust fan maintenance

As with the rest of your HVAC system, maintaining the fans and exhaust equipment is important. In the case of fans designed for evacuating truly harmful fumes and airborne materials, maintenance may be even more essential than proper heating, cooling and energy management.

Timely cleaning and maintenance of exhaust fans, hoods and ducts should be performed by certified experts to ensure that the job is done correctly. Specific tools, parts and procedures are designed for each type of fan system. Technicians will inspect and replace worn parts as needed. For some systems, the equipment needs to be greased and lubricated regularly to ensure proper rotation and to reduce friction between the moving parts.

Exhaust Fan Maintenance Inspection Checklist

All elements of an exhaust fan and system should be carefully inspected. These include:

  • Bearings: usually the source of the biggest fan problems
  • Belts: these need to be checked and replace whenever wear begins to show
  • Blades: buildup of grime and residues on the blades can  cause imbalance and poor performance
  • Inlets, shafts, access ports, main drive and outlets should be regularly inspected and cleaned.
  • Connectors: used to isolate fan vibrations from the system, these will malfunction when worn or broken
  • Louvers and Dampers: if clogged or inoperable, these will affect fan and exhaust performance
  • Motors:  the most vulnerable part, motors should be checked for operating efficiency and repaired or replaced when they begin to falter

North Town Mechanical Exhaust Fan Maintenance Services

In Chicago, contact the General Mechanical experts to prevent unwanted breakdowns and to extend the life of fans and exhaust systems. Our low-cost regular exhaust fan maintenance service will save money and headaches in the long run. Contact us today for your exhaust fan maintenance services!