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Electric Heating System Maintenance in Chicagoland

In the Chicago area, maintaining a clean and efficient electric heating system is critical during the cold winter months. Any significant disruption may result in discomfort, work interruption and potentially costly repairs. As with any type of heating and cooling system, regular preventive heating system maintenance will save money in the long run by reducing the workload on the system and extending the effective life of the equipment.

When you choose General Mechanical for your electric heating system maintenance, you get the highest service level and expertise in Chicagoland. Contact us now to get started on your maintenance program.

What Happens When Regular Electric Heating Maintenance Is Not Performed?

Don’t wait until something goes wrong before you consider regular electric heating system maintenance. If you wait until the system becomes inoperable, you may already have experienced high energy costs as the system struggles to operate with dirty components and filter, and your employees will have suffered by breathing air that is far from pristine by then.

If your system has become noticeably malfunctioning, the cost to bring the equipment back to acceptable standards can be substantial, making a solid dent in your bottom line.

Our Preventative Electric Heating System Maintenance Program

A typical heating system maintenance visit by a licensed General Mechanical technician consists of routine cleaning and a detailed inspection of every component to determine abnormal wear and tear plus any apparent damage to components. Filters should be replaced regularly to ensure the long life of system. Individual seals and wiring may become worn and require replacement.

A detailed checklist will used for each scheduled visit to ensure that everything is checked.

General Mechanical Service Contracts

There are several reasons why in-house maintenance staff should not be performing regular heating system maintenance. First, these individuals have many other responsibilities and can tend to postpone the required tasks. Second, your staff may not be as well-trained and experienced in dealing with sophisticated electrical heating systems. Lack of experience may cause them to overlook even large problems and even violate stringent local or state codes for commercial heating equipment. Third, the right parts and tools are required for these types of equipment. Substitution is never an option.

Enrolling in a specially designed heating system maintenance program with General Mechanical will give you the peace of mind that your system is running cleaner and more efficiently and should be running longer.

And, if something should go wrong, North Town Mechanical specialists are available to provide the right solution.

When It’s Time for a Heating System Replacement

At a certain point, an electric heating system becomes more expensive to try to maintain than to replace. A North Town Mechanical representative can perform a detailed analysis of the total cost of a new unit. The equipment capacity will be precisely matched to the needs of the building and occupants. The analysis will include the initial cost, plus the savings you will incur with the newer, more energy-efficient unit, and the potential energy rebates and tax credits from the purchase of ENERGYSTAR® commercial electric heating systems.

General Mechanical Support

General Mechanical, a long-term fixture in the Chicagoland area, has been designing, selling, installing and servicing best-in-class equipment for nearly a century.  Designers and architects frequently work with General Mechanical experts during the design process of new construction or retrofit projects. Proper design eliminates under or over-working HVAC units , ensures proper placement and yields optimal cost.

Start your commercial heating maintenance plan today, and make sure your building stays efficiently warm year-round.