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Conair Temperature Control Units

General Mechanical specializes in a full spectrum of HVAC and temperature management systems for a variety of commercial applications. To provide the best possible products for their customers throughout the Chicago and Northern Illinois region, General Mechanical selectively partners with manufacturers of the finest equipment available. With nearly a century of experience, General Mechanical recognizes that each client is different and every one requires a customized combination of heating and cooling appliances for their processes.

Included in General Mechanical’ portfolio of equipment Sales and Service are Conair Temperature Control Units. Representing and servicing 6 different Conair models that provide a range of capacities and functions, General Mechanical will provide the equipment that meets your needs.

Conair Temperature Control Units

Conair is a global leader in auxiliary equipment for the plastics manufacturing industry. For over a half-century, Conair has solved manufacturing problems with equipment solutions for nearly every phase of the business. A Conair Temperature Control Unit can maintain temperature-sensitive integrity in various mediums during various phases of production. Precise temperature management of every component of production is critical.

Models of Conair Temperature Control Units

Thermolator TW-P Series

The TW-P Series is designed to maintain a standard circulated water temperature during production. This equipment is designed with energy-savings features and easy-access for maintenance. Capable of operating at a 300 degree F maximum operating temperature, the TW-P is incorporated with incoloy corrosion-resistant heaters, silicon carbide pump seals and easy-to-use controls and gauges.

Thermolator TW-S Series

An upgraded version, the TW-S Series Temperature Control Unit will easily maintain your critical setpoints to ensure smooth production. The S-Series is produced with incoloy heaters for durability at high temperatures and also includes accessories like a hand-held remote control, rotary non-fused disconnect switch and solid-state relay heater controls.

Thermolator TW-V Series

The Thermolator TM-V maintains liquid temperature control by circulating cooler tower water while also pre-heating molds and dies. With high-efficiency pumps and incoloy heaters, the TM-V Series is energy efficient with clear, easy-to-use controls.

Thermolator microTemp (MTC-1)

The Conair microTemp has been designed for use in the production of smaller batches like 80-ton or smaller injection molding machines. The microTemp’s low-profile cabinet comes with state-of-the-art controls and a two-year warranty.

Thermolator vacuTrac

Conair’s vacuTrac Water Temperature Controller not only maintains a set temperature but can also be used as an emergency stopgap for a broken mold or O-ring. The unique positive/negative valve can change the direction of the flow to eliminate leaks while the equipment is being repaired. The specially designed 3-way ball valve allows for this flow reversal.

Thermolator heatTrac

The Thermolator heatTrac is designed to heat circulated oil. Since some products require oil rather than water for heat transfer, the equipment can operate in a broad range of 70 degrees F to 500 degrees F.

Conair Temperature Control Warranty

Conair temperature Control Units come with a complete “casters-up” warranty.

General Mechanical Dealers and Products

General Mechanical technicians are certified to install and service Conair temperature control units. While maintaining proper temperatures for liquids during production is essential, having a reliable partner like General Mechanical to maintain the equipment is equally important. Contact us today for your Conair equipment repair, replacement, installation, or maintenance visit!