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As the owner or manager of a commercial business in Illinois, you know how important keeping costs down can be. And while it may be tempting to cut corners here and there in order to keep an equilibrium, there are better solutions to be had. Namely, energy consumption, and what you can do to drastically reduce it through your HVAC system.

As the Chicago area’s leader in industrial and commercial HVAC service, the certified experts at General Mechanical are uniquely capable when it comes to HVAC care, service, and solutions. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your use, then these tips and guidelines are just exactly what you’re looking for.

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Reducing Cost Through HVAC Energy Solutions

It’s no understatement to say that energy use is one of your leading upkeep costs, and of that cost, HVAC systems can account for up to forty percent or more. To drop this number a good bit, be sure to follow these:

  • Ensure your system is getting the routine service it needs. Routine owner care like air filter changes and vent cleaning can impact the amount of energy your system needs to do its job considerably. For the best results, be sure to change out filters every one or two months, and keep vents clear of obstruction at all times.
  • Pursue routine, semiannual maintenance. Absolutely nothing has a greater impact on your HVAC system’s efficiency and performance than professional tune-up and maintenance services. Without these, your system will chew up loads more energy to get its job done, and you even increase the risk for breakdowns and repairs.
  • Know when to replace your HVAC system. It’s tempting to keep on repairing for as long as you can, but know that the HVAC industry moves at an alarming pace. Every single year major advancements are made in efficiency and effectiveness technology. This means that even a five year old system is consuming ten, fifteen, even twenty percent more power than a newer one, and you’re missing out!
  • Control the humidity levels. We may not be known for the worst summers in the US, but around here humidity can be a considerable problem, and one that keeps your HVAc system from performing at its best. As a rule, your air conditioner has to remove humidity from the air before it can effectively cool it, and if it never gets done with dehumidification, it’s never going to cool properly, either, costing you tons more in energy costs. Consider a dehumidifier system, and you’ll soon find a considerable drop in energy costs, as well as a large improvement in overall comfort.

Industrial & Commercial HVAC Solutions in Chicago, Illinois

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