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Because of the extremes of weather in the Chicagoland region, keeping an HVAC system in top condition is important. Even the newest, most sophisticated systems require regular maintenance to continue to run efficiently. Improperly maintained HVAC systems breakdown at the least opportune time, requiring emergency responses and expensive repairs.

General Mechanical consults, sells, installs and services a range of HVAC systems for any application. A mechanical HVAC maintenance contract with General Mechanical keeps your equipment running smoothly and efficiently, saving money on energy, unnecessary emergency calls and parts replacements.

Benefits of Ongoing Mechanical HVAC Maintenance Contracts

There are several reasons why regular HVAC maintenance and inspection by certified technicians rather than building maintenance staff are low-cost insurance against problems. Some of these are:

  • There is more to mechanical HVAC maintenance than changing the filter.
  • Certified technicians have the exact parts and tools for maintaining your HVAC system.
  • HVAC units are frequently in less-accessible locations such as rooftops or in small enclosures. Staff maintenance personnel often forget or postpone normal service procedures since these may not be on their routine inspection path.
  • Certified technicians can spot pending problems which untrained maintenance personnel might not see.
  • General Mechanical technicians can identify the root cause of your HVAC problem through industry-sanctioned diagnostics, not trial and error.

What Does HVAC Preventative Maintenance Include?

The real purpose of a preventative maintenance contract is to keep the HVAC system running longer. In doing so, your system runs more efficiently and with less chance of disruption.

General Mechanical performs preventative maintenance on rooftop units, refrigeration, furnaces, indoor air quality units and other related mechanical systems. Procedures include checking each component of the equipment for wear or leaks, changing oils where needed, lubricating specific parts and replacing filters and hoses. During each visit, the technician will make note of deteriorating parts that may need to be replaced on subsequent visits.

These activities, performed on a regular basis, will keep you system running longer and more efficiently while avoiding expensive breakdowns. When the HVAC stops, productivity is negatively impacted and the costs add up.

Preventative Maintenance Eliminates Surprises

Regular inspections, replacement of failing parts, lubrication and filter changes will keep your mechanical HVAC system running smoothly. Systems that are poorly maintained end up costing far more than regular professional service. Emergency repair calls or the replacement of an HVAC system before its normal useable life is reached is costly. With a scheduled preventative maintenance program, the mechanical HVAC system will run smoother and last longer.

Energy Survey

In addition, an experienced technician can determine whether an existing system is sufficient to handle any additional demands that may be placed on the system. Expansion or configuration changes may require supplemental heating and cooling or a replacement of the HVAC system. Trained representatives can provide a detailed cost analysis to compare the additional cost of continuing with the current system, the cost of a supplemental unit or the replacement of the entire HVAC system. A responsible, century-old company like General Mechanical can be trusted to provide an objective comparison that provides the least-cost option.

General Mechanical Offers 24-Hour Service

While most emergency service calls are eliminated with General Mechanical’s regular preventive maintenance program, building managers can rest easy knowing that General Mechanical technicians are available for 24-hour emergency calls. Contact us today for your maintenance plan or maintenance inspection!