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When you think about the air quality in your commercial business, what comes to mind? Dust, most likely, as well as pollen, and maybe VOCs. But have you given much consideration to mold? If not, you most certainly should. There are over 150,000 species of identified mold, and most of those can be found in the everyday air we breathe.

Now that information isn’t to scare; mold is a common enough problem, and is somewhat easily controlled. That is, if you make the effort to control it. At General Mechanical, our experts are dedicated to your comfort, and the overall health of you and your employees and clients. Today we’ll be discussing mold, its relevance to your structure and HVAC system, and what you can do to control it.

Why Is Mold Such a Problem?

As we mentioned, mold spore can be found in great quantities naturally in the air. Normally, it doesn’t really reach concentrations that will do more than agitate those with allergies. But the true danger of mold is how easily it takes hold, and how quickly it can spread. If not addressed, mold can establish expansive colonies in as little as 24 hours, and from there the infestation will grow with alarming haste. When mold is allowed to get out of control, it can:

  • Cause increased allergy symptoms
  • Contribute to illness, feelings of lethargy, headaches, etc.
  • Cause damage to HVAC systems
  • Do small to severe damage to your structure

As you might expect, the goal is to stop this from ever becoming an issue. And luckily enough, it’s pretty easy to do if you take the right steps.

The Best Methods of Preventing Infestation

There are two things mold needs to establish colonies: moisture, and time. In order to keep this from happening, you can pursue some very easy and effective solutions through:

Dehumidification Systems

Controlling the humidity levels of your business is the number one way to protect your business, HVAC, system, and employees. When humidity is kept in the human optimal range (35-50%), mold can’t really do much of anything at all for the most part, provided that you pay attention to your ducts, ventilation, and HVAC system, which brings us to prevention number two.

Cleaning and Maintenance Services

How do you get rid of accumulated mold spore? The same way you get rid of most things; by cleaning it! Routine HVAC maintenance and duct cleaning ensures no mold accumulation occurs, and removes the affronting contaminants before they can establish.

Mold Prevention Solutions in Chicago, IL

Is your business getting the care it needs? Is it equipped with the proper dehumidification system? If not, you can rely on General Mechanical to provide. We’re the industry’s leader in air quality solutions in Chicagoland, and we would love nothing more than to ensure you get the right solutions and services to meet your needs. Contact us online to learn more, or to schedule a date for your consultation!