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Your HVAC system is one of the most important components of your business. Whether you need to manage the seasonal comfort of your employees or evacuate potentially harmful emissions by creating proper ventilation, a poorly maintained HVAC system can produce undesirable conditions. A breakdown in your system caused by neglect or improper maintenance can be extremely costly and disruptive. The loss of productivity alone can have a devastating effect on small businesses.

Maintaining Your HVAC System

Though HVAC systems are complex and sensitive, your maintenance staff may be able to perform some simple functions regularly. Activities like changing filters and cleaning ducts can extend the life of the system and assure a clean working environment.

Regularly changing furnace and AC filters ensures that air passing into the building is free of dust and other contaminants.  Keeping the air flowing properly is an essential requirement for the health of building occupants.

Energy Management

HVAC systems must work hard to maintain the proper conditions, whether in an office, laboratory, factory floor, kitchen or food processing facility. Airborne contaminants can breed serious health problems without the proper HVAC management. In that these systems must work 24/7 throughout the entire year, improper maintenance may force the system to work harder to maintain the temperature and conditions required. As a result, the system must use more energy to operate, thereby raising your energy costs to perform the expected function.

If overworking the system continues, a breakdown is possible. Emergency repairs and awaiting replacement parts can be expensive. Additionally, the entire HVAC might need replacement long before the expected life cycle of the equipment has been attained.

Professional Maintenance Contracts for HVAC

HVAC systems have moving parts that accumulate grime and dust or simply wear out from use. Even thermostats should be tested and replaced at specified intervals to ensure proper operation and sensitivity. The best course is a planned preventative maintenance program with a licensed industrial HVAC company. Professional technicians can test and make adjustments, replace worn parts, and keep the system running the way it was designed. Extending the working life of your HVAC system saves money in energy while eliminating unexpected emergencies and disruptions that may cause you to lose business or make employees uncomfortable.

As with a truck or automobile, regular professional maintenance will extend the life of your HVAC system. Attempting to have your untrained maintenance staff perform the sophisticated tasks on your HVAC system can lead to damage and result in considerable additional repair and parts replacement. HVAC systems are complex, and air balancing, ventilation, humidity, and temperature management can be disrupted without the proper professional service.

Trust the maintenance of your HVAC systems only to experienced and trained professionals. The cost of regular maintenance can be far less than the additional energy expenses of an inefficient system or the investment in new equipment long before the life of the original should have expired.

The benefits of a professional HVAC preventative maintenance program are:

  • Eliminate unexpected service calls
  • Lower energy costs
  • Keeping the equipment running longer
  • Avoid productivity disruptions

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