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The ultra low freezers in your business play a critical role in your daily process, and as such keeping them in ideal working order is crucially important. To ensure the safe and continued use of your appliances, consistent care is a necessity, both in professional services, and in routine service performed by your associates.

General Mechanical has been providing care and service solutions to businesses in the Chicago, IL area for decades. Our trained, experienced, and certified maintenance service team can help you keep your ultra low freezers in perfect working order, and today we’re going to discuss the best methods of ensuring your freezers are optimized.

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5 Ways to Maintain & Preserve Your Ultra Low Freezers

Continuous maintenance is the key way to ensure your freezers are protected, both against undue and unexpected breakdown, and to preserve your investment and optimize its performance. To maintain your ultra low freezers, be sure to:

  1. Maintain clean door gaskets regularly. Dirty, damaged, or otherwise blocked door gasket will lead to air infiltration that will quickly reduce the effectiveness of your ultra low freezer, if not render it unusable. Additionally, damaged gaskets can cause your freezer to overwork, causing a breakdown prematurely. To be certain the gasket is in good working order, it should be cleaned on a bi-weekly basis.
  2. Remove ice buildup. Ice and frost formation are common issues to have, but ones that should be addressed quickly. Undue ice formation can damage the internal components, and block important ventilation systems. The ice should be removed with appropriate tools to avoid damaging the freezer; typically the proper tool comes with the freezer upon purchase.
  3. Ensure proper use and procedure. Absolutely always consult your manual, and ensure new personnel are completely versed with your unique ultra low freezers. Many systems operate very differently, and improper use often leads to complications, damage, or the mishandling of your sensitive materials.
  4. Schedule consistent professional service. Professional maintenance and tune-up services are vital to the optimization and preserved function of your ultra low freezer. Without maintenance, you may experience breakdowns, loss of effectiveness or efficiency, and lowered usefulness. Maintenance services should be consistent for best results.
  5. Address any repair needs immediately. Most common complications can very quickly mount into much larger issues, resulting in the complete loss of your ultra low freezer appliance. When an issue arises, fast, accurate service from professionals is necessary in order to preserve your current freezer.

Ultra Low Freezer Services in Chicagoland

Our experts are specially trained to service, repair, and maintain ultra low freezer systems. When you need service, be it an effective repair, or complete system maintenance services, you can place your trust in the professionals at General Mechanical. Contact us today to schedule your service!