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Many rooftop HVAC units are neglected even though they’re one of the most important and expensive pieces of equipment a business will ever own. Unfortunately, too many times rooftop air conditioner repair and maintenance is ignored, forgotten or neglected until suddenly, IT STOPS WORKING!

Or, you may notice your energy costs are rising and, after blaming the utility company, you realize your rooftop HVAC has been using more energy than ever before. But the unit is still cooling or heating as it should.

Your rooftop unit might be overworking, which could be driving your energy costs up. So, how do you prevent it? By actively keeping up with a preventative maintenance plan. 

Why Preventative Maintenance Helps to Keep Your Rooftop Unit from Overworking

Rooftop HVAC units are exposed to more ambient stress that any other equipment. As a result, rooftop air conditioner maintenance and testing may be required more frequently than with other interior units.

Too often building managers and business owners forget to worry about their rooftop HVAC units as long as they seem to be operating properly. If the maintenance is assigned to the in-house maintenance staff, the problem sometimes becomes “out of sight, out of mind” with easier projects often taking higher priority.

And rooftops can be uncomfortable places to work, particularly in mid-summer or mid-winter.

Another problem with assigning the routine maintenance of the rooftop HVAC units to the staff is that they lack the training, tools and parts to perform rooftop air conditioner repair and maintenance properly. Even the routine cleaning of condenser coils requires special attention. In any case, without professional training, the risk of creating new problems to the equipment is heightened.

Professional Routine Maintenance

The best course—and one that saves money in the long run—is to hire a professional, licensed HVAC maintenance company to perform regular preventative maintenance on the rooftop unit. Contracts can be tailored to fit any equipment needs and ambient conditions.

Only certified technicians should perform maintenance on your HVAC equipment. In Chicago, General Mechanical Services certified union technicians have been performing expert services for nearly a century. The advantages of a General Mechanical Preventative Maintenance contract are:

  • HVAC equipment will perform more efficiently
  • Energy usage will be kept at a minimum
  • Worn parts will be replaced before costly repairs are required
  • Air flow will be kept cleaner, free of any unwanted odors
  • You will eliminate downtime
  • Your existing HVAC equipment will last longer
  • Service technicians are available at all hours
  • You save money!

What Does Rooftop Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance Consist Of?

When you commit to a regular maintenance program for your HVAC unit, you are transferring responsibility for maintenance to licensed and certified professionals. Maintenance begins with sophisticated testing procedures measuring the important components of heating and cooling.

The service will be performed as scheduled and, if any emergency should arise, 24-hour service should always be available. The service will keep the equipment clean and lubricated, while replacing critical worn parts as needed.

“Green” HVAC Maintenance Practices

Green maintenance is a sustainable practice that not only helps to prevent further damage to the environment, but also reduces your HVAC costs. Green maintenance makes your equipment more efficient, thereby conserving natural resources and producing cleaner air within your building. This protection will lengthen the life cycle of the equipment.

When new equipment makes sense, the experts can provide a detailed break-even analysis to show how new ENERGY STAR® qualified systems can save money, reduce operating costs and improve air quality.

Get started with your rooftop maintenance plan today!