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Do you own or run a manufacturing plant in Chicago? Are you the operations manager for a food production facility? Are you the administrator for a hospital or medical campus? Then it is vitally important for you to be aware of dehumidification for your property and its importance. Dehumidification is not important only for your HVAC system but also for your patients or the products you are manufacturing.

Benefits of Dehumidification for Commercial Properties

Dehumidification is not only important for residential homes—commercial and industrial spaces also need dehumidification to operate properly. Commercial dehumidification systems that are installed, repaired, and maintained properly have the following benefits for your property:

  • Controlling the air’s humidity. When manufacturing food, metal products, pharmaceuticals, and an array of other products, it is vital that you have precise control of the humidity in the room.
  • Maintaining a specific room temperature. By keeping the humidity in the room consistent, you have more control over the temperature in your facility.
  • Increasing efficiency of your HVAC system. A well maintained humidification system will help your entire HVAC system run more effectively using our energy management
  • Reducing maintenance and breakdowns. There is a clear correlation between humidification and correctly functioning equipment.
  • Improving employee experience. The correct dehumidification levels in a work environment can keep employees healthier and happier.

How Regular Maintenance Helps Dehumidification Systems

Our maintenance program helps you save time and money while also extending the life of your equipment. Regular maintenance on a dehumidification system can help to:

  • Minimize unexpected service calls
  • Avoid breakdowns
  • Prevent expensive service calls
  • Keep equipment well maintained
  • Keep equipment lasting longer
  • Reduce energy bills

Preventative maintenance performed on a regular basis allows our technicians to extend the life of your dehumidification unit. We complete maintenance in industrial and commercial buildings throughout the Chicago area, including Franklin Park, Elk Grove, and North Shore.

Why Choose General Mechanical Mechanical Services?

At General Mechanical Mechanical Services, we are known for our work with commercial and industrial HVAC systems, including a number of plants that we have provided dehumidification services for. By using direct expansion, dry desiccant, liquid desiccant, and air to heat exchange dehumidification solutions, our technicians can help your HVAC system work at its best.

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