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Properly functioning HVAC systems are extremely important in any printing facility in which rapid drying of coatings and materials, plus the evacuation of noxious fumes, are essential. The printing industry is not just limited to ink  on paper as varied mediums such as plastic, foil, cardboard, leather and even wood receive coatings and images. Design for HVAC for printing plants in Chicago can be a complicated challenge.

Packaging involves a wide range of materials and coatings, each requiring their special handling and treatment. Because many inks and coatings consist of high-VOC (volatile organic compound) material from petrochemicals and solvents, fumes must be evacuated efficiently for the employee safety. Properly positioned fans, blowers and evacuation systems are necessary elements of an HVAC system for any printing company.

Indoor Air Quality: Employee Safety

While the presses are running, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a critical consideration. Employee health and safety is the primary consideration. Inks and coatings used on various mediums can cause headaches and illness if not effectively evacuated. Sufficient ventilation is essential. Faulty design in air evacuation can result in excessive employee absences and perhaps larger problems.

Quality Printing Conditions: Temperature and Humidity Control

To achieve the highest level of quality without smearing and distortion, temperature and humidity at each phase of production must be managed within a very small band of tolerance. The objective in printing is usually to dry the ink or solvent as quickly as possible for high quality printing and imaging. And the printing equipment itself must operate at specific operating temperatures or they may begin to malfunction. Complicating the challenge for HVAC for printing plants in Chicago are the extreme ambient outside temperatures.

For a complex printing facility that works with a wide spectrum of materials and coatings, intelligent design of the HVAC system is a requirement. The system will be supplemented by fans, blowers, hoods, and air purification equipment. With all the zone temperature and energy management, plus airflow and evacuation, building managers should employ only an experienced HVAC company to participate in the design of a new system or the upgrade of an existing one.

Ongoing Maintenance

Printing lines may operate virtually around the clock. To ensure proper operation, the system must be serviced and maintained to prevent serious breakdown and interruption. Experienced technicians, licensed and certified, should be contracted to perform the necessary preventative maintenance to avoid expensive breakdowns and unseen air quality problems.

HVAC for Printing Plants in Chicago

Chicago is a hub for many types of printing companies. Whether these companies are planning new facilities or retrofitting an existing building, maximum attention must be paid to HVAC and airflow patterns. For printing and imaging companies, much of the emphasis has to be on drying and curing inks while channeling harmful fumes away from employees. At the same time, a variety of temperature levels, air movement and atmospheric evacuation capabilities must be integrated.

With complex designs such as these, proven experts like General Mechanical Services can collaborate to design the HVAC for printing plants in Chicago that performs precisely as designed in each zone.

Effectively heating and cooling, air handling, drying and evacuating precisely as needed requires very specific equipment and a complex design. General Mechanical’s experts have been providing expert HVAC for printing plants in Chicago services for decades.