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The indoor air quality of your business is a topic we’ve touched on somewhat recently. But as a particularly vital point in your business, and one that is often unfortunately quite overlooked, indoor air quality is something our team wanted to help you by providing a guide of sorts. At General Mechanical, our team is your partner for increased comfort, safety, and productivity within your business. We want to be sure we’re arming you with the best knowledge, services, and products needed to get the job done, and done right, and so today we’ll be delving a little deeper into some of the simple and effective solutions for improving your Chicago business’ air quality. Looking for superior solutions provided by a highly-skilled and expertly trained HVAC team? Contact General Mechanical about our office building services today!

A Guide to Office Building Air Quality in Chicago, IL

The air inside your office building can contain considerable amounts of dust, debris, pollutants, and mold spore; all of these can have a drastic impact on employee and associate health, as well as creating potentially costly complications for your HVAC systems. There are a few things you and your staff will be able to and should do to improve overall air quality, including:

  • Routine air filter replacement. The air filter in your HVAC system protects your furnace and air conditioner from harmful accumulations of pollutants, but it will routinely need to be replaced, as these build up rather quickly. Without replacing the filter, these trapped particles will begin to invade ducts, and by extension, your office spaces.
  • Duct and vent cleaning. A similar principle as discussed above. The goal here is prevention and removal, which duct and vent cleaning addresses by removing collected debris on these structures.

Professional Air Quality Solutions

General Mechanical offers a wide, comprehensive array of services and products that can help you to improve overall function and air quality in your office building.

Dilution Ventilation

Rather than a standard ventilation system, dilution ventilation pumps clean, fresh air into your office space or building while exhausting and removing unclean, contaminated, and stale air. This is an outstanding preventative measure that helps to reduce incoming pollutants, as well as offering a long-term solution for accumulated debris in your space.

Professional Duct and Ventilation Cleaning

Professional duct cleaning is one of the most expedient and effective means of removing built up dust and pollen in your business. Our professional duct and vent cleaning services are completely comprehensive, removing years of stale air and dust from your ducts, effectively removing them from circulation and improving overall air quality considerably.

Humidity Control Solutions

High humidity facilitates the growth of mold, the spore of which can be found in dense quantities in common air here in Illinois. Additionally, humidity can choke your HVAC system, making it harder to rid itself of debris, and lowering its overall efficiency by a great deal. Dehumidifiers address this problem, and help you stay well within the healthy humidity range for office spaces (roughly 40%).

IAQ Solutions with General Mechanical

Ready to breathe easier, and get the clean air you, your clients, and your employees deserve? Contact our certified indoor air quality professionals today to learn more, or to set a date for your consultation!