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Because rooftop HVAC units are indispensable in managing the temperature of a building, regularly checking the efficiency of the unit  and providing proper maintenance are essential. It is easy to forget about rooftop units when energy usage seems to be appropriate, the building is comfortable and other priorities are requiring attention.

In reality, the most economical solution for a energy-efficient HVAC system is to test the system regularly and perform periodic preventative maintenance.

Risk of Poor Maintenance

The amount of work that a rooftop HVAC unit must perform depends upon the ambient temperature ranges and the condition of the unit. In high temperature and humidity periods, a unit must work harder during the day and will use substantially more energy than normal.

Outside HVAC units are vulnerable to dirt, grime and the moisture that accumulate within the system. HVAC systems that are not properly cleaned and maintained must work even harder and consume more energy to maintain the desired temperature. Eventually, when the system becomes fully taxed, it will fail. The result will be a building full of nonproductive workers or unhappy residents until costly repairs can be performed or replacements installed.

Testing Rooftop HVAC Unit Efficiency

Only trained and certified technicians should perform tests and maintenance on your rooftop HVAC equipment. Licensed technicians have the appropriate tools, measurement devices, cleaning techniques and spare parts to ensure proper care. The elements of your HVAC unit can be damaged if improper procedures are employed, possibly leaving the system in worse shape than before. In-house maintenance personnel should not be attempting to service these units.

Trained technicians are capable of measuring and calculating the HVAC’s level of efficiency against the manufacturer’s rating to determine if the equipment has degraded. With specialized measurement devices, technicians can check the refrigerant enthalpy (measurement of energy in the system) and refrigerant flow rates to determine if compressor damage has led to lower efficiency in the system. Refrigerant pressure and temperature plus static pressure are parameters that should be measured.

Whether performing rooftop unit installation or routine maintenance on the system, an expert technician will test the system to determine whether any deterioration in efficiency has occurred. Normally higher than normal energy costs in a year-to-year comparison can be an indicator. The technician, however, will consider the historic ambient conditions when comparing energy usage since outside temperatures and relative humidity are the major influences.

Cleaning coils, inspecting compressors, conduits, filters and other components during service visits are necessary to ensure the longevity and efficiency of the units.

General Mechanical Maintenance Contracts

In the Chicago region, General Mechanical sells, provides rooftop unit installation and testing, and provides maintenance for the most energy-efficient rooftop HVAC systems available. With decades of experience in rooftop unit installation, General Mechanical has earned recognition as one of the nation’s most reliable HVAC companies.

A regular preventative maintenance contract with the General Mechanical experts will keep your rooftop HVAC system running efficiently and lasting longer. Maintenance contracts can be tailored to ensure that testing and service functions are performed in a timely manner.

If a problem should occur, we provide 24-hour service to respond to any emergency.