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When your company is facing a project that needs the skills of a mechanical contractor, it can be difficult to decide which contractor is the right fit for the project. We want to make the process of deciding which mechanical contractor to choose a little bit easier by giving you some insight into the best way we think a contractor should be hired.

What to Ask a Mechanical Contractor

There are some things you need to make sure that your mechanical contractor is equipped in before you decide who to work with. These requirements include:

  • Experience in variety of system types and manufacturers
  • Background of several years in the state so they’re familiar with current local codes
  • Reference list of previous projects and customers
  • Lack of litigation history
  • A cooperative team who responds well to meeting you

When you look at all of these things combined, you should get a good idea of which mechanical contractor is the right fit for your project, best for your budget, and smartest for your bottom line.

Why Choosing the Right Mechanical Contractor Matters

When it comes to a commercial or industrial building, the cost of running an improperly installed HVAC system can skyrocket. This means that having your system installed correctly the first time can save you a hefty amount of money in the future. If your building already has an HVAC system, then you need a mechanical contractor who you can trust with the repair and maintenance of your unit.

General Mechanical is here to provide you with all the solutions you may need for mechanical services in the Chicago area.

Some of the services we provide include:


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