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Clean, fresh airflow through classrooms and other educational facilities is essential to the health of students, faculty, and staff. A properly functioning HVAC system is designed to manage temperature, humidity, and air quality. Faulty, poorly maintained systems could expose occupants to significant temperature variations and even airborne contamination that may cause illness. Prolonged exposure can result in health problems.

Also, improperly operating HVAC systems can become highly inefficient and elevate the cost of operations. The equipment must work harder to maintain temperatures. This stress causes the system and its parts to wear out before their intended working life has been reached.

Safety, healthfulness, and cost are the core reasons for selecting the right commercial HVAC company to install and maintain your equipment.

Effective HVAC Companies Can Help Design the Right System

Whether the project is a new construction or a retrofit for an older building, a licensed professional should participate in the design phase of the HVAC system. Having the right capacity and placement for the units are essential for efficient operations. A professional can advise the type of equipment that fits best and will provide durability, reliability, and economy.

Eliminating Airborne Bacteria, Dust & Noxious Odors

In recent decades the discovery of Legionnaires Disease has brought focus to the necessity for proper design and maintenance of HVAC systems. In the United States, there are approximately 19,000 reported cases of this pneumonia-like disease per year. The source is often the Legionella bacteria borne by water droplets circulated through HVAC systems that are either poorly designed or maintained. Regular inspections are required to minimize the potential for this severe threat.

Similarly, filters must be replaced and ducts cleaned regularly to prevent the transmission of material and dust throughout the buildings.

Only a certified HVAC company should perform these preventative procedures to identify faulty or dirty parts and take the proper actions.

Maintaining Commercial & Industrial HVAC Systems

Whether heating and cooling a campus of university buildings or a single primary or secondary school, a conscientious HVAC maintenance plan is essential. HVAC is complicated, and many of the parts that require preventative maintenance are delicate. Identifying worn or inoperable parts requires a trained technician. Frequent cleaning is a necessary to ensure the equipment is safe and efficient.

Rooftop units are frequently the option for most educational facilities. Often these are neglected because they are “out of sight, out of mind.” However, because of the exposure to harsh elements and wide-ranging temperatures, even durable systems require regular inspection to ensure they continue to work properly.

Maintenance Contracts

To keep the HVAC system working properly and to eliminate costly repairs or disruptions, qualified HVAC companies offer Preventative Maintenance contracts that keep the system running efficiently and economically. On a predetermined regular schedule, the technician will arrive to test, inspect, replace, and repair as needed. The cost of this service us minimal when the extended life of the equipment and the elimination of emergency situations are considered.

Requirements for a Qualified Commercial HVAC Company

Qualified HVAC company technicians have extensive training and updating in the design, installation, and maintenance of every type of equipment they will be handling.

  • Energy management expertise
  • Excellent reputation
  • Proven experience
  • 24-hour availability
  • Dedicated Customer Service team
  • Economical Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • Building automation capability

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