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A strong, effective, and reliable HVAC system is absolutely necessary to combat the temperature extremes we experience here in Chicago. And finding the ideal system to suit your unique situation isn’t necessarily an easy task. Each business carries unique stipulations and limitations that might impact your choice in HVAC. But if you’re looking for a perfect system that offers both function and versatility, you may find it with a rooftop HVAC system.

General Mechanical has been dedicated to superior solutions and services to clients in the Chicago area for years. We offer industry-leading products and dependable benefits to our consumers, and today we want to help you in choosing your perfect HVAC option.

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What Are Rooftop HVAC Units?

A rooftop unit, or RTU for short, is a unit that mounts on the roof of a commercial or industrial building. These systems offer reliable heating, cooling, and ventilation. They can provide various options in heating and cooling, allowing for zone-control systems, limited delivery, or complete building comfort control.

Rooftop units are chosen for a variety of reasons, and are in use in nearly half of the commercial buildings in use today.

What Are the Benefits of a Rooftop Unit?

Rooftop systems are sought after for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Variable comfort and efficiency levels. HVAC systems consume a massive portion of the power in your commercial or industrial business. That means any amount of energy savings can have a drastic positive impact, and with an RTU’s wide range of SEER ratings available, you can choose a system that will provide all of the performance and efficiency you need.
  • Versatile solutions and space saving. Many businesses simply cannot, or would prefer to not, accommodate a ground-level HVAC system. For these businesses, rooftop units provide a reliable and powerful comfort options to help preserve performance and productivity.
  • Heating and cooling in one. Rather than dealing with the cost and frustration of two, unique cooling and heating systems, RTU systems offer a single source for all of your comfort needs, saving on purchase and installation costs.
  • Quieter system operation. Many businesses are sensitive to sound, or cater to clients and individuals that may find the added noise of ground-level systems (which are notoriously loud due to size and power) undesirable. A rooftop system places the noise well out of earshot, preserving the peace and reducing noise pollution.
  • Unit security and safety. Many businesses in Chicago are plagued by vandalism and malicious activity. With your unit securely located on the roof, you needn’t worry about it being defaced or harmed by forces beyond your control.

Commercial Rooftop HVAC System Services in Chicago, IL

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