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As with any other equipment, there comes a time when you must consider whether to keep repairing or replacing parts or to invest in a replacement. Breakdowns and service interruptions, particularly with HVAC systems, can be disruptive and even hazardous.

There is, of course, a financial consideration at the heart of this. When does it make sense to invest in a new system and what factors will drive the decision?

When Does Investing In a New HVAC System Make Sense?

You should replace your commercial or industrial heating and cooling system when you are experiencing the following scenarios:

  1. Your HVAC energy costs keep rising even after emergency services were performed and several parts replacements were required. Over time the system may have accumulated obstructive soot and grime while parts have worn out from friction and use. To perform the expected functions and maintain preset temperatures, the system must work harder than ever. More energy is consumed to keep the system going and to achieve the desired results. The impact will become most noticeable in year-to-year operating expenses.
  2. The HVAC system breaks down at the least opportune times, causing production interruptions, late deliveries, and a potential loss of business. Adding the costs of emergency service calls, reduced productivity, discontent among employees, and the impact of lost business can become a significant burden for a small business.
  3.  Even after a routine inspection and service, the HVAC still is not distributing air properly and is creating an unhealthy environment for employees. On the production floor, for example, the HVAC system may be failing to evacuate potentially harmful fumes and emissions. Absenteeism and even employee turnover may have begun to increase, resulting in a reduction in morale. Hiring and training costs rise while productivity drops.
  4. The time has come to invest in a new HVAC system when the capital investment for the new configuration is less that the cumulative impact of maintaining a failing system. All cost components should be calculated to make a sensible business decision.

Benefits of Professional Heating & Cooling Replacement Services

No matter where you are in the decision process, it is important to designate a qualified and experienced HVAC company to maintain and service your old or new system. A professional technician can help you to bring together all costs components to determine when a replacement system makes sense.

The payback period for a new, highly efficient HVAC may be quicker than you expect. Compare the reduced costs of emergency service and repair, the protection of a new product warranty, more reliable performance, and the substantial savings in energy versus the ongoing costs of maintaining the old system. Professional HVAC experts can break these real cost savings into a credible break-even analysis to help with your decision. Less concrete factors to ponder would be improved employee morale, a safer and more comfortable environment, and higher productivity.

Professional heating and cooling services are as important to your business as security system companies or equipment maintenance programs. These companies can provide money-saving preventative maintenance programs and 24-hour service when needed. Also, when a new system is required, your professional HVAC partner will be responsible for ensuring a precise and timely design and installation engineered to keep your costs in line with original estimates.

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