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The holiday season usually involves a rush of business and personal activities plus a host of additional challenges to consider. Routine activities become lesser priorities in the rush of daily challenges. Heightened sales, personnel scheduling, and challenging deadlines become the norm. There is no time to worry about your reliable HVAC system. Perhaps you have decided to have the HVAC company take a look after the New Year when things have calmed down.

However, as Murphy’s Law would have it, your reliable HVAC system breaks down on the coldest day of December, and your employees are huddling in their cars in the parking lot until the heat is restored. Your water pipes are in danger of freezing. Much of your inventory does not handle the cold very well either, so the situation is desperate. Add to this that all commercial and industrial HVAC service companies are fully booked with similar instances and cannot come for at least another day.

Routine preventative maintenance before the holiday season would have prevented this disaster and allowed your company to perform as usual. Don’t let this happen to you—contact General Mechanical to schedule HVAC maintenance for your commercial facility.

4 Reasons to Schedule Industrial Maintenance This Holiday

  • Baby, it’s cold outside. Anyone who lives north of Ecuador should be aware that the weather will become cooler after September. For those above 35° N latitude, the weather might get substantially colder by mid-November. This annual occurrence puts considerable strain on any HVAC system capability, and the system must work harder to maintain the proper temperatures. On those frigid, sub-freezing days, the extra strain on the systems can be significant.
  • Schedule maintenance before the holiday activities pick up and other priorities become critical. Breakdowns during busy periods can be disruptive and extremely expensive. Disruptions and interference during the busy period can be costly.
  • When it is cold outside, other systems could also break down. Therefore, finding a qualified technician to work on your HVAC unit in a timely way can be nearly impossible. Also note that the cost of emergency service and last minute repairs or replacements, particularly during a Holiday season, can be excessive. If your HVAC system has expired, obtaining a replacement may be more difficult during this high demand period.
  • Breakdowns at any time can be disruptive and impact productivity. However, equipment failures during your busiest time of the year can be devastating. Loss of expected volume, reductions in output, and perhaps overtime pay to catch up can make the difference in your company’s financial performance for the entire year.

Partner with a Dependable Commercial HVAC Service Team

Preventative maintenance for your commercial and industrial HVAC equipment is far less expensive than the cost of an ill-timed breakdown. A proven, reliable company like General Mechanical in Chicagoland will inspect and test your equipment at a predetermined frequency to ensure the equipment does not fail. Inspections will involve replacing filters and parts before they cause significant problems.

Your payback for contracting regular preventative maintenance services ensure:

  • Peace of mind
  • Equipment will last longer
  • Breakdowns should not occur
  • Energy costs reduce due to higher efficiency

In the Chicago area, contact us for the design, installation, and regular maintenance of your HVAC systems. General Mechanical represents the world’s finest commercial and industrial HVAC systems.