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Air-Cooled Condensing Unit Maintenance

Maintenance programs save you time and
money and extend the life of your equipment.

For any equipment that spins, rotates, creates friction, or has moving parts, preventative maintenance must be performed regularly to prevent unexpected breakdowns. With air-cooled condensing units, this requirement is particularly important in industrial situations since breakdowns cause work stoppage and curtail productivity.

General Mechanical in Chicagoland provides air-cooled condensing unit maintenance programs for commercial HVAC equipment to keep them in top working condition and extend the useful life. With the precise tools, parts and experience to handle your equipment, there will never be concerns about service and repairs being performed by unqualified maintenance workers.

Servicing Air-Cooled Condensing Units in Chicagoland

Regular air-cooled condensing maintenance is required. The coils within tend to collect dirt and grime. When this becomes excessive and starts to accumulate, the discharge pressure increases, thereby reducing refrigerating capacity, increasing energy usage and curtailing the life of the unit. Poorly maintained air-cooled compressors can increase energy usage by 10% to 30% before breaking down completely. This inefficiency is not only manifested by the unit working harder, but the unit most also work longer to bring the temperature to the desired level. With multiple condensing units, skipping maintenance can become an expensive proposition. Discharge pressure must be kept within target levels to ensure efficient operation.

Cleaning Air-Cooled Condenser Units

Three methods are normally employed for air-cooled condensing unit cleaning. The method is determined by the degree of build-up on the coils. Wire brushing, soapy water solutions or a chemical cleaning are the options. Having taken extreme care with chemical cleaning, the technician must make sure that any residue is flushed from the surface and then completely dried.

An important part of cleaning the unit is to avoid damaging the fins and coil surface. Damage will result in inefficient operation and further restrict air flow through the coil, causing the unit to operate less efficiently.

The delicacy of the maintenance operation requires a professional, certified technician to perform all maintenance functions. Untrained staff-maintenance personnel are usually not qualified to work on this type of equipment.

Regular Air-Cooled Condensing Unit Maintenance

The frequency of air-cooled condensing unit maintenance will be determined during consultation based upon the average monthly usage, ambient environment and the cooling demand. The age of the unit may also play a part in how frequently service may be needed. Older units usually require more inspections.

In summary, a regular preventative maintenance service for your air-cooled condensing unit will benefit in the following ways:

  • Eliminate costly service calls
  • Keep the equipment running efficiently
  • Extend the productive life of the equipment
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Avoid downtime and work interruption

When Is It Time to Replace Your Condensing Unit?

At some point, replacement costs begin to fall below the cost of continuing with equipment that has reached the end of its useful life. Much new technology has gone into producing the latest cooling and heating systems. More efficient ENERGYSTAR® equipment can offset a significant amount of the upfront capital expenditure by saving on energy usage. And your system will be more eco-friendly.

A General Mechanical service professional can help you to perform a detailed cost analysis to decide when a new system may be warranted. Comparing the initial cost of the new installation plus operating costs against continuing with the older equipment, your decision will be well supported. Contact us today to replace your condensing unit!