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AAON Units in Chicago

Made in the USA, award-winning AAON heating and air conditioning products are energy-efficient solutions for virtually any building configuration. Manufactured in their Longview, Texas, and Tulsa, Okla., facilities, AAON products include a full line of air handling units, condensers, rooftop units, heat pumps and more.

All units are available in a range of capacities. At General Mechanical expert will work with you to design the most efficient and effective AAON system for your building or complex. Contact us today for installation, repair, or maintenance for your AAON system in Chicagoland!

AAON Units in Chicagoland

AAON Air Handling Units

Highly efficient AAON air handling units are perfect for the climate in Chicago, designed for smooth, clean, and efficient airflow. Cabinets are double-lined with polyurethane foam for optimal insulation and soundproofing. The fan design is constructed to provide excellent energy efficiency. Matched with AAON’s state-of-the-art condensing units or chillers, AAON’s indoor, outdoor or custom air-handling units provide clean, uninterrupted air flow wherever it is needed.

AAON Condensers and Condensing Units

To save time during installation, AAON condensers and condensing units are prefabricated with piping and wiring at the factory. Each unit is tested at the factory before shipping. All units are energy efficient and long-lasting, guaranteed to provide low-cost, energy-saving service. To accommodate virtually any size space, AAON’s condensing units are available in 5-ton, 70-ton, 140-ton, and 230-ton capacities.

AAON Rooftop Units

Tough and efficient, AAON packaged rooftop units are available in 6-ton, 140-ton, and 240-ton capacities. These versatile and easy-to-service units are constructed with double-wall, polyurethane insulated cabinets to withstand harsh elements while maintaining constant, effective performance. The rearward curved plenum fans provide quiet and efficient airflow and long-lasting dependability.

AAON Self-Contained Units

AAON’s highly efficient, self-contained units are designed for use in any type of building configuration. With a smaller footprint, these units are ideal for handling single-story constructions or floor-by-floor temperature management. AAON’s self-contained units offer flexibility in building design with high-efficiency versatility and quiet operation. These units operate with variable speed backward curved fans and variable capacity scroll compressors that allow you to control temperature and energy costs. Self-contained units are available in 18 and 70-ton capacities.

AAON Chillers and Outdoor Mechanical Units

AAON offers a broad section of highly efficient, top-performing compressors and condensers to manage outdoor chillers. The compressors are variable capacity while the condensers may be air-cooled or evaporative-cooled to deliver the highest performance with the least energy. To maintain temperature without overworking, the outdoor mechanical rooms and chillers come with weather-proofed, double-walled polyurethane insulation. If needed, a boiler and boiler pumping equipment may be factory installed in the outdoor mechanical room for ease of installation at the site.

These units are available in 55, 140, and 540-ton capacities. Additionally, the BL Series 500 has a capacity of 6,000 MBH.

AAON FZ Series Fluid Coolers are equipped with air-cooled heat exchangers and can be equipped with factory-engineered pumping packages that eliminate the need for an additional mechanical room.

AAON Heat Pumps

AAON manufactures a line of high-quality, highly efficient heat pumps in a range of capacities and energy sources to fit your specific needs. Whether geothermal, water, or air-sourced, AAON heat pumps are quiet and capable of handling a wide range of capacities.

AAON Controls

AAON offers a selection of controls to manage your heating and cooling systems. Each has very specific applications, allowing for efficient energy management and comfortable living and working conditions.

Contact General Mechanical for installation of any AAON air handling or conditioning unit in Chicago and the surrounding areas.