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Safety should be the primary concern for the management of any chemical plant. Many chemicals alone or in combination can cause serious safety hazards that can threaten the health and safety of employees and occupants.

The key element in the design of a chemical plant is the HVAC system. The system must be sufficiently robust to carry noxious airborne chemicals completely away from the worker areas and neutralize potentially harmful effects.

North Town Mechanical Experience & Expertise in Design

For chemical plants in the Chicago region, North Town Mechanical Services has the certifications, expertise, and skilled technicians to design, install, monitor, and maintain the necessary HVAC and exhaust fan elements to best manage airborne chemical challenges and maintain proper temperatures. With nearly a century of providing atmospheric and climate control solutions, North Town Mechanical will design systems that maintain the safest and most comfortable temperatures within the facility while ensuring the safe evacuation of harmful fumes.

During the design phase, each of these elements must be balanced precisely to achieve consistent quality and ensure the safety of the occupants. A malfunction of any component can lead to serious production problems or even disaster.

Efficient air handlers, for example, are critical for circulating air in the proper manner to save energy, ensure chemical fumes do not end up in the wrong areas, and to manage energy most efficiently. Ventilation and exhaust systems must be designed to ensure noxious gases do not enter areas where humans work.

Preventative Maintenance on Chemical Plant HVAC Systems

Certified North Town Mechanical Services professionals know how HVAC systems and ventilation should be working together to create a safe and productive environment in a chemical plant. With nearly a century of experience, North Town Mechanical Services has evolved into one of the most experienced climate management companies in the nation. Also, they have partnered with some of the most sophisticated HVAC and air handling manufacturers in the world.

North Town Mechanical’s certified technicians will perform economical, regular preventative maintenance on each component of your HVAC system in your chemical plant. Knowledgeable of design features that maximise effectiveness and enhance energy efficiency, timely and documented inspection and maintenance will keep the system working safely.

HVAC systems, exhaust fans, and filters accumulate grime and foreign material in the process of cleaning the air. Neglect can have serious repercussions in a chemical plant. Regular inspection and parts replacements are more critical in chemical plants than in most other facilities.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Well maintained HVAC equipment will last longer and work more efficiently. Besides saving money with lower energy usage, chemical plants can avoid expensive emergency repairs and production disruption.

If some or all HVAC equipment is ready for replacement, North Town Mechanical’s experts can review the best available and most economical solutions for replacement. Often the efficiency and energy reduction of new equipment will reduce the payback period substantially.

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